Velominati Super Prestige: La Flèche Wallonne Féminine 2015

For those too impatient to read my little introductory patter, here is the start list. The Muur de Huy requires some deadly timing, experience with this finish and some serious anaerobic tolerance. No one wins this race on their first go around, unless your name is Merckx or Vos and I’m not sure if they ever did. The winner waits to pounce. It is the twenty meter sprint.

I will waste your time no further. The field is full of possible winners. There are some power teams hoping to keep it all together for the final attacks on the Huy. It should be a proper battle. Who doesn’t love a midweek race?
[vsp_results id=”32757″/]

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115 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: La Flèche Wallonne Féminine 2015”


    1. Armistead
    2. Ferrand Prevot
    3. Longo Borghini
    4. Emma Johansson
    5. Van Dijk

    1. Ferrand Prevot
    2. Armitstead
    3. D’Hoore
    4. Longho Borghini
    5. Van Der Breggen
  3. Bloody hell, I just casually popped in for a look on the site and saw I had 4 minutes left. Have to admit I just did a quick scan of names from previous picks for both men and women and scavenged a few in random order.

    What’s the betting it will turn out to be my best ever VSP selection. Not that the bar is very high.

  4. Zero points for me. Oh well. I would cut and paste the results but my phone won’t let me.

    Looked like a good race.

  5. @frank

    The banner for the men’s race was completely missing from the home page at one point last evening.  I checked back in later on and it was there, so I was able to get my picks in.

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