Velominati Super Prestige: La Fleche Wallonne Femmes 2016

Nothing magical happened in between us publishing the Men’s event ten minutes ago that somehow brought us another day for the VSP. I was really banking on a fissure in the space-time continuum but no luck. Seems a guy can’t catch a break.

On the surface of it, I blame the fact that Gent Wevelgem was moved to a Sunday and that has made me assume La Fleche was as well. Watertight excuse-making, right there. It is further annoying because this is not my favorite race and I feel like I might have snubbed it subconsciously; something about this finish being so tough and the bunch being so radio’d up that the break never stays away. It is always a bunch gallop up the final ramps and a game of chicken between the riders on the front before they make their bid for glory.

Anyway. We only have about 20 hours for VSP picks entry, so I’m going to stop yapping and get this baby up before I burn even more time. Hopefully you’re already done chewing on the start list and are ready to go. If not, you can take solace in knowing you probably don’t stand a chance in winning the awesome prizes on offer: Don Walker is giving away a free custom steel frame, Café Roubaix is giving away a carbon wheelset, and we are giving away a free V-Kit.

Good luck!
[vsp_results id=”41443″/]

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129 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: La Fleche Wallonne Femmes 2016”


    1. FERRAND PREVOT Pauline
    2. ARMITSTEAD Elizabeth
    3. NEFF Jolanda
    4. HOOGEBOOM Roos
    5. LELEU Fanny

    1. Armistead, Elizabeth
    2. Ferrand-Prevot, Pauline
    3. Johansson, Emma
    4. Van Vleuten, Annamiek
    5. Vos, Marianne

    1. VOS Marianne
    2. ARMITSTEAD Elizabeth
    5. VAN VLEUTEN Annemiek

    1. Emma Johansson
    2. Ashleigh Moolman
    3. Anna van der Breggen
    4. Megan Guarnier
    5. Elisa Longo Borghini
  5. x


    1. van der Breggen
    2. Queen Lizzie
    3. Annemiek van Vleuten
    4. Marianne Vos
    5. Tiffany Cromwell

    1. JOHANSSON Emma
    2. STEVENS Evelyn
    3. MOOLMAN PASIO Ashleigh
    5. NEFF Jolanda
  7. Good to see Marianne making her return to the top tier.

    There’s not been an Unsanctioned podcast for this race so I’m using ‘intuition’ (guesswork)





    1. Guarnier
    2. Van Der Breggen
    3. Queen Lizzie
    4. Vos
    5. Johansson

    1. Pauline Ferrand Prevot
    2. Emma Johansson
    3. anna Van Der Breggan
    4. Evelyn Stevens
    5. Lizzie Armistead
  9. Results I’m hearing from the Pro Women’s Cycling radio feed:

    1. Anna Van Der Breggen
    2. Evelyn Stevens
    3. Megan Guarnier

    Searching for fourth and fifth now. Vos is reportedly top 10, and Lizzie and Johannsson were in the front group.

  10. Sounds like:

    1. Anna Van Der Breggen
    2. Evelyn Stevens
    3. Megan Guarnier
    4. Niewiadoma
    5. Longo Borghini

    Vos in 9th—just worth noting, because everyone loves Vos!

  11. @xyxax

    1. Anna VdB

    2. Evie Stevie

    3. Megs Guarnier

    4 Niewiadoma,

    5 Longo Borghini,

    Another NITRO.

    oops, not a NITRO as defined.  I will go back under the bed now.

  12. @KogaLover

    I was thinking about crying out loud that one of the Keepers is violating Rule #43: When I looked at the website this Monday, I did not find the VSP. When I looked at it this Tuesday, it was already closed. So Delgadoed by design and on purpose???

    Oh Jeeezhus!  ANOTHER Meatloaf comment!

    Frahnk!!!  Can’t you write some code that blocks all reference to Meatloaf (the singer that is–not that I am a fan of the food, either–used to be made to eat it once every few weeks growing up–never liked either the singer or the food).

    And for what it is worth, I did not Delgado this one but still scored zippo/naddo/no points on this one!

    So this one goes out to all the Velominati whinging about the VSP shit:

    “Crying wont help you”


  13. @buck rogers


    You were most welcome, always a pleasure to know what gets you ticked off and I am sure there’s a lot more to discover. Suggest to stay close to “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike…”

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