Velominati Super Prestige: Tour Of Chongming Island 2016

Ok, so we know you’re all excited about the Giro starting tonight, and poring over your picks and determining who is the best of a pretty weak field. Look, it’s Nibbles then daylight, ok? Good.

Now we got a bit lost in it all too, and if it wasn’t for the eagle eye and sharp Cycling mind of @Bianchi Denti, the women’s Tour of Chongming Island would’ve had Delgado status from the folks that are supposed to be aware of such happenings. So we all need to act quick. Typing this is taking up valuable seconds that are needed to pontifi… oh shut it, here’s a Start List.

This will be a lot harder to pick than the Giro (Nibbles, I tells ya) so use your time wisely, get your picks in and do NOT complain if you miss the start, just make it up in the rest day swaps for that other race I keep mentioning for some reason that I really shouldn’t be because time is ru…. (Nibbles).


[vsp_results id=”42964″/]

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106 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Tour Of Chongming Island 2016”

  1. Holy Merckx! First time I’ve won anything on the VSP. I’d thank the team but I don’t have one, so thanks to Chloe, Ing and Roxanne

  2. Thanks for sorting my pics entries @keepers. Looks like my best result for the season.

  3. @JonnyG

    Top 3 but all in the wrong order. Standard.

    Yup, I had all top 3 in the top 3 but completely shuffled.

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