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How Dost Thou Annoy Me: Tour Favorites

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I wanted to take a moment to talk about my favorite Tour Favorites.  And, the best way of doing that is to go over which of the Favorites annoy me or don’t look cool enough or have never raced on Cervelos.  So, onto Frank’s inaugural “How Dost Though Annoy Me” list. Alberto Contador.  Primadonna.  I…


No Braking Allowed

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Jens Voigt can always be relied on for entertaining comments to the press.  One of my favorite quotes of his was during an interview discussing the role that a rider’s mind plays during a race: When you go hard, your body says, ‘STOP!’ and your mind says, ‘BODY, SHUT UP!’ And, sometimes it works!  And then…

More Passport Revelations Coming Tomorrow?

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Dutch news outlets are reporting that Erik Breukink has been informed of additional positive cases and is going to be coming “clean” tomorrow. There is much speculation that it could involve Denny Menchov.  Never been a big fan of his but his Giro was very impressive. Yuck.


Another One Down

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It was announced this morning that Thomas Dekker tested positive for EPO on Christmas Eve, 2007.  He was reportedly caught by studying blood values using the new Biological Passport; after reviewing his data, WADA requested his old samples be retested. “The UCI’s request is based on two elements of evidence collected within the biological passport…

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