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Roid Landis on a jet-fueled ride.

Chapeau, Slipstream Sports

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I for one, would love to have a clean sport, but simply don’t think it’s possible to get there.  That said, it can certainly be cleaner than it is, and I welcome any progress we make in that direction.  All the same, I also can’t bear the thought of the racing being any less exciting…


Velominati: You Must Obey

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What motivates a Velominatus?  It seems a simple question, but the answer is complicated and gets into various issues that are neither interesting nor compelling. For me, cycling has been a life-long obsession.  I enjoy any kind of riding.  I enjoy technical, single-track mountain biking, I enjoy riding on dirt roads or wide trails.  I…

A familiar sight in the 1993 Tour: Jaskula and Mejia hang on in the Alps

Evanescent riders of the 90s: Zenon Jaskula

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While the talk of the week has been on the Fraud Landis Chronicles, whether he cheated (of course he did), whether or not he's telling the truth (he is, this time) and whether or not Pharmstrong is a doping, fraudulent COTHO (he always has been), my head has exploded trying to make sense of the…

Question: What would Jens Do?  Answer: HTFU.

A Cyclists Companion: Fear of Crashing

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I thought I was the only one.  It was a truth I admitted to myself only in the darkest hours of the night, when you lie awake and are faced by those haunting thoughts that are otherwise whisked away before they float to the surface. But now, I can say it: I am afraid of crashing. Especially…

Class 5 Rule Breaker

Being a Good Ambassador: Obey the Rules

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As enthusiasm for The Rules has been growing, we’ve been having a lot of fun watching the conversation take shape and go in directions we didn’t necessarily expect it to. You have the Geof’s and the Jarvis’s who defend them honorably and even compare cycling to a religion. Fittingly, you then also have the Opus…

The way they used to do Rule 5

Italian Thoroughbred, Hand Built with Care in China

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While walking about town, one of my favorite things to do is to puruse the commuter bikes locked up outside stores and study some of the gems being ridden around.  Sometimes, I come across a really special bike, and marvel at the notion that the bike’s owner might not have any idea what piece of…


Dear Thule: GFY.

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Spoiler alert– this post has nothing to do with professional cycling or racing. This post is about trying in vain to get existing bike trays to fit on a new car. Given that we put a man on the moon and all, this seems only modestly ambitious. WRONG, says Thule. It can’t be done! At…

Ivan Basso leads the 2006 Giro before illness forced him out of the lead.

Velominati Super Prestige: Giro d’Italia

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The inaugural Velominati Super Prestige continues the with Giro d’Italia, on Saturday May 8 in Amsterdam. This will be the first Grand Tour of the series, and while we have a set of rules established for the competition, we’ll be modifying them as we go if we notice any problems with them. Personally, I feel the Giro…


The Bar Shape Paradox

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I almost look forward to riding in bad weather because it means I have a perfect excuse to climb aboard my old Bianchi XL EV2, which currently serves as my rain bike (see Rule #12 for more information on bike requirements). Some bikes just seem to fit, and you feel it with every turn of…

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