Dear Thule: GFY.

Spoiler alert– this post has nothing to do with professional cycling or racing. This post is about trying in vain to get existing bike trays to fit on a new car. Given that we put a man on the moon and all, this seems only modestly ambitious. WRONG, says Thule. It can’t be done! At least not without buying $200 more crap from those Swedish loserbags. My guerilla tactics, including hose-clamps and U-bolts, have all failed…. so we are left with two bikes and one kiddie trailer neatly packed inside. It’s about the ride, Chucky.

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10 Replies to “Dear Thule: GFY.”

  1. You have your priorities all so in line! Rule #11 is definitely in play if your shift levers or handlebars are prodding the ?Children? seated in the back row in their unworthy heads.

  2. @wvcycling, @Marko

    It brings a tear of joy to my eye to see this type of application of The Rules. You should all be proud of yourselves.

    At least the dude in the Lambourdouchey is doing his best to match the value of his bike to the car. It reminds me of James Bond’s Lotus in For Your Eyes Only:

  3. @Jim – Man, that’s a lot of crap stuffed into that wagon, or whatever it is. Ouch. I hope the frame tubes are covered.

    The Lambo and Lotus sporting racks are just plain stupid. If you have the dough for those kind of wheels, you probably have enough for a second vehicle to lug bikes around.

  4. Is that a new Terrain? Just slammed two bikes in the back of mine this morning…Yakima makes feet that fit the stock rails…

  5. I dont know… the lambo with the bike attached looks pretty sweet in my eyes! kind of like a euro cool spoiler?
    It would have to be a Pinarello for sure or some other exotic italian frame – just wouldnt be right with any other bik attached.

  6. @Dan O. I think that is what the Jeep in the background is for or most likely when off the seal. Looks like money to burn. At least they choose a great sport and car.

  7. In the photo at the top, I’m seeing a lot of Rule #8 violations. Good packing though.

    As for the lambo with the bike on… clear breach of Rule #25, but god, you hope (s)he knows how to ride, drive and look fantastic. You can bet they’ve got spare pairs of sunnies everywhere (glove box, alongside the driving gloves?)

  8. @Roadslave525
    Come on – who is seriously suggesting they are not in fact willing to take the Lambo and bike  ….  Rule #25 be stuffed.  Insanely desirable combined with 100% wankerness.

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