You light up my legs, you give me hope. Photo JEFF PACHOUD/ GETTY

Lights On Legs

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Cycling is made up of hundreds of minute details, forming a larger entity which is generally simplified and viewed as the intrinsically simple act of riding––or racing––a bicycle. Getting on and pedalling, fast, may be the crux of winning the Tour, Roubaix, or the local B grade crit, but if it is held as the most important aspect, then…

Sweat box riding has never looked so good.

Anatomy of a Photo: Winter Sweat Box Ride

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I spent the entire winter doing morning Spanish Interval Sessions, wherein one dons all their winter riding kit (including wooly hat) before climbing aboard the turbo in a hopeless attempt to sweat themselves thin. The flaw in the method is less in its commitment and more in its lack of effectiveness, although the magnitude of the commitment feels…
We wish you a Merckxy Christmas and a Coppi New Year!

We wish you a Merckxy Christmas and a Coppi New Year!

Merckxy Christmas and Coppi New Year!

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Another year come and gone, another pile of New Year’s resolutions out the door, done and dusted. It’s a good thing I don’t recall what they were; I have a feeling this period of reflection might loom a bit darker if I was in a position to appreciate just how short I’ve come up on them. I’m…

Ya gotta eat!

Guest Article: Tomorrow Belongs To Me

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@Steamy is on fire here, so listen up. Cycling is a stern task master. She asks too much of your time. She asks you to eat but not too much, not too little. Saturday night talk is cheap; it’s what happens early on that dark Sunday morning that counts. Carpe the hell out of that…

A V.V Magnitude Awesome Quake. Photo via monsieurbloodpipes

V Point V Magnitude Awesome

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People, please grab hold of your butts: we are experiencing a V.V magnitude Awesome Quake, and it is sporting a totally rad lid. Further instructions will be provided. Have a pleasant day.
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