Velominati Super Prestige: Vuelta a España 2017

Holy fuckballs. I’ve never been this late ever on a VSP. I mean, I’ve missed them entirely – which is another kind of incompetence entirely – but I’m shocked at how quickly this week blew by me. I think I have whiplash.

Be that as it may, the Vuelta is on our doorstep, and before you panic, I’ll leave the picks open until Monday so we have enough time to screw up our picks despite knowing who crashes out in the first few days.

This is actually exciting stuff. We have some serious grudge-matching going on here for the Vuelta. Chris Froome is double-talking, Bardet is trash-talking, and Contador is exit-talking. This could be interesting.

On the subject of Bardet, he is my new Schleck. I love how he looks on the bike, and he’s got a fighting spirit. And he rides a white bike, which is the color bike I’m obsessed with. And I’m equally sure he will never win a major bike race, on account that I fancy him. (Roman, if you are reading this, I ask your forgiveness.)

Alright, I’ll stop faffing about. Check the start list, get your picks in, and let’s get this party started.

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172 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Vuelta a España 2017”

  1. We will see. My preparation went well but you never know how will go. Especially with so many days on the mountains. I will take it day by day. I have the full support of my team. They do an amazing job. My head is in the right place but we will see about the legs.


    1. Nibali
    2. Froome
    3. Barguil
    4. Majka
    5. Kruijswijk
  2. Contador to have a bad crash on the first few days and then hunt for stage wins from then on.


    1. Froome
    2. Nibbles
    3. Poels
    4. A. Yates
    5. Zakarin
  3. Thanks for setting this up @frank! Any chance you could calculate the results for the Tour and San Sebastian when you get a moment? I think I did quite well in them and I want me some prizes*!


    *Sod’s Law dictates that now I’ve said that, I will have done badly and I will look like a tool.


    1. Froome
    2. Aru
    3. Zakarin
    4. A Yates
    5. Nibali
  4. My attempt to pick who would crash out at the Tour went badly wrong (not just for me), so I give up, and just the usual dice roll.  No crashes please.


    1. Froome
    2. Chaves
    3. Nibali
    4. Bardet
    5. A Yates

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