Velominati Super Prestige: Clasica Ciclista San Sebastian 2017

This week we are currently in is the most boring week of the year. After three weeks of non-stop Tour de France coverage, we slip, without any warning whatsoever, back into the doldrums of loving a sport that doesn’t get any television coverage. When, on Saturday morning, I tune into San Sebastian, it will be via a crappy, low-resolution feed snaked off

San Sebastian isn’t exactly my favorite race, but it’s a race and after enduring the post-Tour hangover for nearly a week, I’m ready to take anything resembling a bike race. It even has enough climbs to make it interesting, and enough race motos to keep us biting our nails right to the very end.

So, go get jiggy with the start list, get your picks in, and let’s party.

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53 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Clasica Ciclista San Sebastian 2017”

  1. Get jiggy. Wow, been so long I nearly forgot people used to say that. Now I’m just waiting for everyone to stop calling everyone “bro”.

    Completely forgot this race was on! Was packing up after a family beach trip and heading home. If someone had told me how many things you need to bring a 15 month old to the beach for a week…good lord!

    Watched the replay. Pretty exciting race, I’d say. The Sky troopers are let off the leash and put in a nice 1-2 punch for a win.

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