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Anatomy of a Photo: Sock & Shoe Game

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I know as well as any of you that I’ve been checked out lately, kind of like Luke Skywalker hiding away on Ahch-To. But unlike Luke – who cut himself off from The Force – I haven’t cut myself off from The V, so I find myself compelled to take a moment out to celebrate Billions and Billions‘s sock and shoe game.

Massive love happening here.

// Anatomy of a Photo

  1. The guns maketh the sock.

    (hello, old friend!)

  2. Of course—and I know this is really what you’re after: those socks would even nicer if they were white.

  3. Holy fuck! Let me be the first to say that it’s good to hear from you.

    I’m not sold on the neon socks and shoes, but I’m very conservative in that department. I feel they clash with the rainbow bands.

  4. Incidentally: the summer’s footwear will appear thusly. It helps with my left and right.

  5. Holy shit Frank, welcome back.

    Sagan can do what the fuck he likes. The end.

  6. A-Merckx I had to check the date there twice.

    Just waiting for Summer……..

  7. Praised be Merckx! So good to see a new post from you Frank that I decided to finally register after years of silent sidelines-watching the site.

    Thought that Velominati has gone the way of the dodo!

    Regarding Sagan: He’s a rockstar, can do whatever the fuck he want, but he’s wearing the rainbow bands, FFS! Black shoes and white socks (with no rainbow bands, mind you) should be mandatory for world champions.

    Happy to see the site and @frank alive and well again.

  8. @RobSandy

    A-Merckx to that.

    And welcome back Frank.

  9. Well, well, well. Nice to see you back!

    Me? Pure white Shimano R9s are just waiting for their maiden outdoor ride. (I live in WI, so it might be a while.) And, as always, socks will be white, or maybe, just maybe, black, but no colors FFS. This is not the 80s and we are not riding mountain bikes.

    Speaking of shoes, I’ve a sweet pair of blue and white Sidis looking for a new home at a keen price. Size 44.

  10. Hey @Frank – how’s the shoulder?

  11. Holy shit @Frank’s alive!

    Awesome. Now let’s get this site back on track, sort your mates out, I’ve no doubt they earned it and let’s say the last 7 months were just a dream.

    Socks black or white. None of those fashion statement things please.

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