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Cycling is a mighty sport with a rich and complex history. Every company, racer, piece of kit, and component has a legend, a story behind it; in many cases it also has a personal and nostalgic connection to our lives.  While this particular sport is steeped in tradition, it is also fiercely modern, a fact that serves only to deepen its complexity.

All these factors combine to provide an unique atmosphere and breeds devoted and loyal disciples of our great sport. We are of a peculiar nature; we seek out the highest mountains and the roughest roads on which to worship at the altar of the Man with the Hammer. Our legs are what propel us; our minds are what drive us. We refer to our shaved legs in the third person – the legs – and speak of distance in kilometres and measure sizes in centimetres regardless of what country we are in.  We adhere strictly to the Canon of Cycling’s Etiquette: The Rules.

A Velominatus is a disciple of the highest order. We spend our days poring over the very essence of what makes ours such a special sport and how that essence fits into Cycling’s colorful fabric.  This is the Velominati’s raison d’être. This is where the Velominati can be ourselves. This is our agony – our badge of honor – our sin.

I have a unique way of looking at bicycles. A good bicycle and it’s components are beautiful things to me. I’m not just talking about appearance, but also how the frame and components show the dreams of those who made them.

– Gianni Bugno, Hardman and Italian cycling legend

Perhaps we are too wrapped up in the past, but the Velominati don’t believe that to be the case.  After all, the greatest lessons can be learned from the past and those lessons can then be applied to the present and may then allow us to more fully experience the future.

The Keepers:

The Community: is less about the articles and more about the conversation. Those of you who read more and poster more, become an integral part of the discussion and help carry the momentum forward. There are several levels of Velominatus*:

Level 4 Velominatus: The casual observer and occasional poster.

Level 3 Velominatus: The regular reader and casual poster.

Level 2 Velominatus: The devoted reader and regular poster.

Level 1 Velominatus: The most committed of reader and poster.

Gray, Black, and Orange Order Velominatus: Once having passed Level 1, the inducted among the Order wear three color badges, based on their rank.


We strive to foster an open, fun, critical, and censure-free environment. Any criticism of our writing, spelling, grammar, or intelligence is welcome and nothing said will ever get you suspended from the site. That said, the code of conduct is governed by Rule #43 and the Piti Principle. Members consistently exhibiting behavior that falls outside these parameters will be warned to check themselves; should warnings go unheeded, we may elect to issue a suspension. The first offense will result in a one-week suspension, the second in a two week suspension, and the third in a three week suspension. A fourth offense will result in a lifetime ban.

Velominati reserves the right to edit posts with the express interest to preserve the spirit of the conversation and the community. Regarding posts that address a grammatical or typographical error, Velominati may elect to take their input, correct the error in the articles where appropriate, and editing posts that point them out. This editorial action is not to serve as a censure entity, but to preserve the spirit of the conversation. That said, we endeavor to only edit those posts that point out a minor issue and only in the event that we make the edit before the post has yielded further discussion. Furthermore, when possible, we will strive to acknowledge said poster for their correction.

Want to contribute a story to the Velominati? Tell us why.

*Levels are calculated based on the previous year’s activity.

  1. Love the topics and the comments; I would rather push a bike with two flat tyres than drive a car…

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Dear Velominatae (Is that Plural?), I may have double posted on – but neither are showing. I just wanted to make sure that I could try to correct my foolishness.

    Feel free to delete this post once read~

  3. Superb website; with the right mix of single mindedness and cycle tradition; and humour added. Looking forward to reading some more & contributing. Frenchie, new member & Level 4 Velominatus.

  4. @Frenchie

    Welcome, Monsieur Frenchie!

  5. Merci Brett! Est-ce que le Francais est la langue du peloton ici?! Yep, really looking forward to settling in here…
    (Twit @ZeeFrenchie)

  6. @Frenchie
    Nice to have you aboard.

  7. @all
    Just have to post this link. This is a very high honor and deserving of a chapeau

  8. @Frenchie

    Est-ce que le Francais est la langue du peloton ici?!

    Ah, mais oui, mais oui!

    With a Twitter called @ZeeFrenchie, how can we not follow?

  9. @Marko Inhaling a wasp is a rather esoteric climbing technique. I didn’t know it was still practiced…Indeed, it is a great honor!

  10. @frank Cheers. I already feel at home; pain, pleasure and ze bike…

  11. Does this qualify me as a Keeper? Or more specifically comment #30 and the reply at comment #35

    Actually I’m thinking the insurance company will total it and give me around $2k for it. I’ll get a thousand dollar truck and use the other grand for a SRAM Force group.

    Man, you are definitely a cyclist… instead of buying a nicer car or upgrading it, you’re going to downgrade it and buy a nicer bike with the profits

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