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Anatomy of a photo: Gun Check, Gent-Wevelgem 1965

Anatomy of a photo: Gun Check, Gent-Wevelgem 1965

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The above photo was liberated from a Dutch website which appears to be dedicated solely to a book about Dutch and Belgian riders both old and new.  I can’t read a lick of Dutch, in fact, I’m not even 100-% sure it’s a Dutch site (based on the “.nl” though I’m pretty sure).  The website is rad though and the book looks mint, anybody know it?  Check it out and see what you think.  The guy in the back of the gruppetto is, of course, Rik Van Looy.

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  1. I’ve just spent another 15 minutes or so poking around Dutch awesomeness. There’s all kinds of hidden little gems on that site. Christ, I wish I could read Hollandaise.

  2. @Marko
    If you need to understand Hollandaise to read that web page, you need to see a specialist for your condition.

  3. @Cyclops

    Nice. “Is that a compact?” Brilliant.

    Dutch awesomeness distilled and concentrated into liquid form (a very potent substance). This is what is in the bidons, I’m sure of it.

  4. @Marko
    Huh. I always took bike porn to mean something different entirely.

  5. petro: lay off the quads bro…espresso that is

    i just blew my lunch through my teeth laughing at that

  6. @wiscot
    Nailed it.

    Congrats, Mate. Excellent news.

  7. @ G’phant – Thanks! I’m a maturing Velominati. Don’t even have a bike build plan in the works, gettin’ engaged…It feels good though. My VMH is great.

  8. @Ron
    your life as you know it is over. You are fucked.

  9. @Ron… many congrats on engagement, and glad you found a Velominata – who rides vintage, too. Maybe you’ll get as much as five years of gripe free riding before those That Fucking Bike conversations start: FOUR bikes? What do you need FOUR bikes for? They all look the SAME to me? And do you have to keep them in the HOUSE? Can’t you just have ONE, and keep it in your shed…next to the bed I put in there for you?

    I echo your sentiments on La Vie Velominatus… I’m using Google Translator to try and understand the website for the E3-Prijs this Saturday to get the lay up… Boonen is in, but not sure if Spartacus is too.. Then there’s Ghent Wevelgem on Sunday… family time not looking so good

  10. @Ron

  11. @Marko

  12. Rik: “You guys are idiots if you think I’m doing any work!”

  13. Rik

    ‘its no wonder his legs are thicker than my chest and his arms are thicker than your thighs, hes just chewed off the top of my head’

  14. Built Ford Tough? Holy shit. The guy’s just like a Ford truck; huge, inefficient, and probably noisy.

  15. @packfiller
    Vannitsen’s palmares (107 wins in Cycling Archives) certainly don’t read like a Ford’s (and there’s no mention of his breaking the Principle of Silence, although the guns look as though they might). 1965 had him at the twilight of his career. He still finished 3rd at Paris-Roubaix.

  16. @frank
    You may have seen this already as it’s making the rounds, but here is more evidence of Dutch Awesomeness.

  17. @Steampunk
    DZ. Nuts.

  18. @Steampunk
    Man, I love DZ. He’s a hometown boy from SLC and makes me laugh uproariously.

  19. @Nate
    BRUTAL! That’s an awesome vid! Inspiring as I thought I had it rough here in Georgia with 20 mph winds.

  20. @Nate
    Great interweb find! That one poor rider couldn’t even get his bike under himself. That’s one occasion where being too fat to climb isn’t such a bad thing.

  21. Ha, amazing how his bike was blowing sideways like a sail. I wonder how fast that wind was?

  22. Jeff in PetroMetro:

    The pump? IMHO, I think it’s trompe l’oeil–that’s something in the field behind De Cabooter.

    I did some checking last night. Even as late as 1973 in the Giro teammates of Merckx on the Molteni team carried spare tubs and pumps with them so that they could fix their own flats after the team cars were gone. In this instance, Van Looy doesn’t carry a pump or spare as his tubs wouldn’t dare puncture.

  23. @Nate
    And there we have the answer as to why the Dutch are good climbers. Awesome vid. Thanks, mate. I guess that’s a day not to ride the “aero” bike, huh?

  24. Just noticed the rider in the Ford jersey is the same guy as on the cover of A Dog in a Hat.

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