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Daniel Richter, Dan_R

Father-Husband. Warrior-Philosopher. Mechanic-Racer. Two out of six... I climb like Cav and TT like a Schleck, but if it is snowing and raining and generally miserable, I can tow the big train. Owner and main wrench at Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio. Love riding, eating, drinking, sleeping. Hate dishes, laundry, and getting dropped. Masters/Cat5 Road, Cat3 Track, Sport CX & Mnt Noted Palmares - 2000 Manitoba Ice Bike, 15th; 2004 24 Hours of Adrenalin Canadian Championships, Masters 7th; 2006 Alberta Provincial Time Trial, Cat5 5th; 2006 Alberta Provincial Track, Masters A Omnium, 4th; 2007 Alberta Track, Masters A Omnium, 4th; 2011 School of Cross, Sport, Lanterne Rouge; 2011 GP Jim Horner Cross, Sport, Lanterne Rouge; 2012 USMC Trials Road Race, Open, 16th; Pigeon Lake Road Racce (Provincial Championships), Lanterne Rouge.

It is my great pleasure to bring @Dan_R’s article to the Velominati. Frank has recently written about cycling as an addiction. It’s a “good” addiction but it is more than that. We worry about our Strava numbers, debate sock height, but forget that the simple act of cycling with others can offer more than just an endorphin bu...