Author: Dan_R

Father-Husband. Warrior-Philosopher. Mechanic-Racer. Two out of six... I climb like Cav and TT like a Schleck, but if it is snowing and raining and generally miserable, I can tow the big train. Owner and main wrench at Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio. Love riding, eating, drinking, sleeping. Hate dishes, laundry, and getting dropped. Masters/Cat5 Road, Cat3 Track, Sport CX & Mnt Noted Palmares - 2000 Manitoba Ice Bike, 15th; 2004 24 Hours of Adrenalin Canadian Championships, Masters 7th; 2006 Alberta Provincial Time Trial, Cat5 5th; 2006 Alberta Provincial Track, Masters A Omnium, 4th; 2007 Alberta Track, Masters A Omnium, 4th; 2011 School of Cross, Sport, Lanterne Rouge; 2011 GP Jim Horner Cross, Sport, Lanterne Rouge; 2012 USMC Trials Road Race, Open, 16th; Pigeon Lake Road Racce (Provincial Championships), Lanterne Rouge.