We Wish You a Merckxy Christmas, and a Coppi New Year

We Wish You a Merckxy Christmas, and a Coppi New Year

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From the bottom of our hearts, and on behalf of everyone at Velominati, we wish you a very Happy Holidays and as such issue a temporary suspension of Rule #11.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming around to our little corner of the world to spend your valuable time as part of the community; without you, none of this works. Thanks for helping to make 2011 a success. Here’s to 2012.

We wish you a Merckxy Christmas, and a Coppi New Year.

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  1. @sgt
    I got 10 km in with son #1 today on his new bike. One of the best rides all year. 10 degrees C with a good wind. A lot of telling him about head winds/tail winds drafting and freezing!!! We both had such a good time!

  2. I received a Park Tool repair stand today as well – finally I can give my bike as much love as it deserves.


    What type of frame? Gin and Trombone or whatever you, Frank and G’Rilla were geeking out over at the Cogal?

  3. Thanks to everyone – from the bottom of my Spinal Tap Black heart – for coming by and being part of our world. Let 2012 begin; I predict a totally unpredictable year. A year for the unknown!

    As for Keepers Tour – I’ve got my wheels sorted:

    Royce hubs, and two sets of FMB Paris-Roubaix tubbies (being hand-made presently) and I’m ready to build me wheels this week. Merckxy Christmas indeed.

  4. And in other news, @Marko found out today that he’s joining Keepers Tour 2012: Cobbled Classics. That’s four – FOUR – Keepers on KT2012. The B&B we’re staying in will be opening just in time for us to stay there, and I have a feeling they will resign from the hotel bidniz when we’re done. That, and the brewery who is hosting us and letting us drink for free will also never make that mistake again.


  5. @mcsqueak, @RedRanger, @ChrisO, @King Clydesdale


    “daddy, it’s my guns that are shot today”

    Now, that’s conditioning!! How many times has he heard you say that as you roll home? Oh, to be a kid. You know that’s it, now, right? The rest of his life he’ll be like us. Lucky fuckin’ kid.

  6. @all
    Thanks for the great year. The Keepers will be taking the week off and we’ll be riding on the wheels of some of the great guest articles we’ve got piled up in the queue. Please sit back and enjoy the coming week of back-to-back articles from the community. A-Merckx.

  7. I’m a new guy and have been enjoying the site for about a month. Looking forward to the new year and a possible 200 on 100 appearance. Merckxy Christmas!

  8. @Buck Rogers
    Thanks BR. Your advice sealed the deal for me.

    Did you say there’s more pudding?!

  9. Gift to self:

    Bike #2 is a De Rosa Team alu frame built up with Rival and Ultegra wheelset. Assorted Deda stuff as finishing gear.
    This will be the bike that stays at home in Melbourne for the ten-odd weeks a year I’m here and away from the Addict R2 in Singapore.
    Yay me.
    Saw it heavily discounted in a LBS just before Christmas and lasted a few days before asking them to change the wheelset they had on it (heavy crap) for the Ultegras, also discounted, then pulled the trigger.

    NB> Yes, I know the crank arms are at a far from compliant angle for photography.

  10. @Skinnyphat
    Welcome, and Merckxy Christmas to all the community… you all make this site what it is.

    Yeah boi, that’s awesome news that you’re joining us! I hope your VMH got you a ticket to Amsterdam for the pre-tour training camp…

  11. @frank

    Those Royce hubs look sweet! Just lovely!

    Happy Christmas to all!

  12. @Skinnyphat
    Welcome and here’s to hoping you join up at the 200 on 100 – the more the merrier!

  13. @Keepers and all the other VMH: Merry Festivus and thanks for allowing me to hang around here and flip out/ have gender identity issues and for everything that I learn.
    A bunch of great friends most of whom I’ve never met in person (save McSqueek and Gaswepass). Look forward to to coming year around here, and the chance to make a run at the VSP title.

  14. Interpret my dream: I had a dream this morning that I saw a nice bike on a rack on the back of a car so I stopped to check it out and then I noticed a girl in the car changing into cycling kit and she was putting on a Velominati jersey. She got a little spooked when I rode up to the side of the car but then I showed her the Velominati “decal” on my bike and she settled down. I tried talking to her but she had a speech impediment and I couldn’t understand anything she was saying. Then I woke up.

  15. @Marko
    Hozanna in the highest – such a privilege to look forward to sharing the same rarified airspace as four of ye now – awesome!

    Nice work Santa

  16. merry xmas, hope you all got the goods you wanted

    nice goods for you too frank, nice!

    @cyclops: thats a true keepers dream

    for souleur: my VMH left it up to me to pick the goods up, she says I am too particular, so she just procurs the habit

    its 25* here in the ozarks, sleeting and i am getting donned for a ride out, not sure what to get, maybe 50k or so
    fat tyres, knobbies and short gears

    happy new year to all

  17. A happy NEW YEAR of riding to all Velominati and thanks to the Founders and Keepers for a great website and community.

    Elder sister bought me an Amazon voucher so spent it on “Italian Racing Bicycles: The People, the Products, the Passion” by Guido P. Rubino. Published by VeloPress in Hardcover (all your great cycling books should be hardbacks !).

    Not received it yet but from the write up and reviews it sounds great. Covers just about every italian marque I know plus some I have never heard of. A future WORK ?

  18. @Roadslave
    Great moment! I won’t compete, but will offer the following from yesterday morning. From the littlest Steampunk: “Dad, can we take a break from opening presents? I want to go out and ride my bike.”

  19. A mild day in the south of England. Would have been nice to go for a ride but I needed to move a large pile of bricks.

    Very aerobic and exercised muscles I do not much use when cycling so should be good for me, but suspect I shall spend the rest of the week with a bad back.

  20. …and Season’s best to one and all—thank you all for such great camaraderie in 2011. No sugar plums dancing, but visions of Wisconsin, Ontario, and 200 on 100 cogals instead. 2012 will be a good year.

  21. A very merry Christmas and happy new year to all Velominati!

  22. Very thankful to have discovered this place. Thank you for all your hard work. It’s a rare day I don’t find myself here reading and being completely entertained!

  23. @Cyclops

    I tried talking to her but she had a speech impediment and I couldn’t understand anything she was saying.

    Impediment? Maybe she was Dutch.
    Maybe her name was Frankie.
    Maybe you are in trouble.

  24. @Roadslave
    That is awesome! I have twin daughters and when we started riding around the neighborhood the big fight was who got to go first… well, one daughter would always wait until the bottom of a hill and then blast past her very irritated sister. When questioned on this breach of family etiquette she answered sincerely, “I always attack at the start of a hill…” She was five and is now 11… development squad here we come! Great memories. Congrats on yours!

  25. …and a late Merry Christmas back to the Velominati crew and community. Just coming back up for air after the holiday (c)rush. Got in 75K in 73F weather as penance for all of yesterdays over-indulging.

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