Evanescent Riders of the 90s: Álvaro Mejía

Evanescent Riders of the 90s: Álvaro Mejía

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  1. We don’t see any Evanescent riders these days, do we?

  2. Great story Brett, but despite Cycling Inquisition and Andy Hampsten’s assertions I’m pretty sure Postobon were never absorbed by or became a part of the Motorola set up. Mejia was poached from them for sure, but Postobon carried on as a separate entity until 1996, the same year Motorola ended their sponsorship.

  3. Another fine contribution to the series. Thanks, Brett. Apart from the infernal musical accompaniment (why do they do that?), that video clip is great, too. (Am saving the AH interview for later, to savor when I have uninterrupted time.)

  4. Nice one Brett. I had completely forgotten our little friend and Jaskula! Wow names from an era where SBS was my only link to this world, albeit for 30 minutes a night.
    Thank you for this. Excellent stuff.

  5. Nice one, Bretto!

    Never heard of Mejia, so thanks for the history lesson.

    Not sure about the sunnies strap, they’ve caught on BIG TIME for frat dudes in the U.S.!

    Looking forward to The Tour!

  6. Nicely done Brett!

  7. A nice hors d’oeuvre to prepare our palates for the next few weeks. Merci beaucoup!

  8. nice…i haven’t heard of him either.

    So thanks for the lesson, just proves there is always room to learn.

  9. But, but, but, what you are saying is, it was not his innate Colombian climbing skills? Was Big Mig as juiced as everyone else? I never considered that one.

    Also, I would have bet a lot of money that Worlds was a three up sprint finish, somehow MejÍa was written out of my memory. And he was so far behind by the finish line he didn’t show up in the photos.

  10. Maybe the arm warmers were due to some cultural aversion to dark skin, the Filipino part of my family are tan conscious.

  11. In the Cycling Inquisition interview with Matt Rendell it’s implied that it was because he liked to use as much kit as once as possible! Apparently he used to stuff his pockets with as many free gels as he could, and wear extra layers to the point of heat exhaustion. Mad!

  12. @G’phant

    Another fine contribution to the series. Thanks, Brett. Apart from the infernal musical accompaniment (why do they do that?), that video clip is great, too. (Am saving the AH interview for later, to savor when I have uninterrupted time.)

    That musical accompaniment brings me back to the days of watching the Tour on CBS (I think).
    I think John Tesh is the VoiceOver and think that’s his music.
    It used to shit me how they used to over dramatize it all instead of relying on the power of the images.
    That being said, at least they were bringing it to the (North) American audience.
    As a side bar, it’s interesting to observe how they feel the need to recap who is in the break with the slow mo and dramatic voice. This seems common in much of the media coming out of America these days, and speaks, to me at least, of catering either to an audience of a really short attention span, or worse, being based on the assumption that the audience is so stupid, that they have to be reminded of what they were watching 30 seconds ago.
    Rant over.

  13. @mouse
    I think it came from Olympics coverage in the 80’s when the network (NBC?) decided that they were going to have to sell ginned-up drama so that people who didn’t understand what the hell they were watching (“Look Marlene, there’s bowling on ice!”) would tune in. You still can’t watch them without sitting through endless personal backstories so one at least cares about the people if not the actual sport. Makes it virtually unwatchable at times.

    John Tesh album in 1995: Sax on the Beach. John Tesh album in 2010: Worship God

  14. Still available on Amazon. Time to order before this weekend. TV down, Stereo up.

    or perhaps

  15. Man…look at that monstrosity of a helmet.

  16. @MrBigCog

    Man…look at that monstrosity of a helmet.

    Actually, that was a REALLY hot helmet at that time. Probably of the first generation to have the in-moulded shell.

  17. Clearly the European peleton had not yet adopted hard shell helmets (oli I’m sure will fill us in on the details of that. Was it Kivilev’s death that forced the decision?).
    Amateur racing in North America had mandated hard shell helmets in about 1989 or 1990.
    I recall lusting after the first generation Specialized foam helmets (no shell) because they were black.
    All the other helmets at that time were white polystyrene that you had to wear a Lycra cover over.
    Used to think the team kit one I had was ace, but looking back at old photos now, it just looks stupid compared to the hairnet days. It was also down the the proportion of the helmet as well. It was beer cooler tech. Designers thought that helmets had to be thick for protection, so most of them looked like, well, a round beer cooler.

  18. @MrBigCog

    More room for sponsors!

  19. Man, I love the history lessons!

  20. @Markp
    Why is there an enormous set of cricket stumps on the cover of that John Tesh album?

  21. @McTyke
    As an American who doesn’t understand cricket but sometimes watches it on YouTube as a sleep aid, I clearly missed the memo that the game was played by throwing bicycle wheels at the sticks/stumps/wickets(?).

  22. @mouse
    That helmet really was the nicest one you could get at the time and the Giro helmets that Greg LeMond wore. Apart from that you had the Bell lids which were not as pretty!
    Great video post, I was actually at the race that year and have never seen the finish till now, 20 years later. I was on the uphill section before the loop at the top of the course, the road was like a section of 3 lane freeway up & down. It must have been 34deg F that day and very humid. The actual race was really tough with the pace high all day & a bunch that was getting smaller by the lap, even on the downhill these guys were fast!
    Mejia did the ride of his life to finish with Bugno & Indurain in that group. But I guess we all know now why riders like him didn’t follow up in 92 & 93 with big results.

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  24. Is he wearing a POC helmet?…

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