Ride Like a Girl: Meg Fisher

Ride Like a Girl: Meg Fisher

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This is Meg. Keeper Jim and I found Meg spinning loops around Mercer Island, big-ringing the rollers in the pouring rain. Meg likes sunsets, puppies, and had a gerbil named FrĂ€nk. Meg doesn’t need bad weather to be considered a badass; Meg rides her bike with one leg, so riding in the rain is hardly a blip on the Badass Radar.

Meg Fisher is on the US Paralympic Team, training for the qualifiers at US Nationals in June to make the squad headed for London. At the time we chatted about it, it didn’t occur to me to ask about any other events besides road cycling she’s involved with, but the ten minutes of Google Research I did for this article revealed that she’s a world-class road cyclist, time-trialist, track racer, mountain biker, and triathlete – and has the world and national championship titles to prove it. She also refers to herself as “Peg Leg Meg”.

Meg’s prosthetic leg appears to work amazingly well (if her going to the front and drilling it every time she felt Jim and I were going too slow is any indication), but my ignorance on such matters is nearly comprehensive. It should come as no surprise, I suppose, that as much or more research goes into making athletic prosthetic development as anything else. Cycling-specific race prosthetics are made of carbon fiber and designed to be airfoils. I assume the airfoil design is 50% for function and 50% for extra damage points when employing a front-flip drop-kick. Meg needs one of these for the Paralympics (not for cage fighting). At the time of writing, Velominati is checking with Meg to see if she’s got a donation or sponsorship fund set up for this, and if so, we’ll advise the Community as such. If not, we’ll see what we can do to help arrange for one.

Once she gets her upgrade, I just hope Pat McQuaid doesn’t come staggering by with his tape measure. On the other hand, I’d like to see him try and catch her.

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  1. @Meg Fisher
    I just wanted to add to these comments and send massive respect and good luck with your olympic goal. Be good to hear how you get on.

  2. @Meg Fisher
    Welcome and can’t wait for the full article! By the sounds of it, we may need it loaded in parts 1, 2 and 3!

  3. @Meg Fisher
    It’s spelt Fhronk, BTW he is THAT hardcore dutch.

  4. @Meg Fisher
    Another +1 for the full series of articles.
    Inspiring, for sure, but more so for interest’s sake.
    Looking forward to reading them.

  5. @Meg Fisher
    An article would be fantastic, the pedal stroke aspect is without doubt interesting but I’d also love to know how you’ve manage to prevent prevent those back and hip pains from becoming more serious, presumably they’re a result of the work put in by those areas to balance out the imbalance between the right and left sides?

  6. Awesome. I take my hat off to you Meg and your mum and fronk for the article. Please as many have said here, please let us know how we can help with some $$

  7. Great to meet you Meg, and Meg’s Mum, and thanks for taking the time to write.
    Any advice or information would be great to read.

    Here’s a link
    Meg’s blog page – keep us all posted : )

  8. Meg’s blog on Rule #9:

    “Some athletes feel like they shine when the sh*t hits the fan. I love racing when conditions are less than ideal, because I believe that I can suffer more than my competition.”

  9. Wow…

    I have spent the last few days buried in sales meetings and what a great post and string to come back to.

    @Meg Fisher you are an inspiration and I can’t wait to read your article(s), and @Poorhardworker it is obvious that you have had a big hand in the amazing person your daughter has become.

    I had the pleasure of spending a day at the UCI para-cycling track world championships last month. My wife and I loaded up our 3 year old son and spent all day there watching some amazing racing in multiple categories and got a nice helping of inspiration to boot. I’m lucky enough to have been to a number of UCI World and US track events. They are always exciting but this event seemed to raise the bar of competition and comaraderie to an entirely different level. It was an amazing day.

    All the best to you in your Olympic pursuits Meg!

  10. @Meg’s Mum sorry for bad language (the sentiment was genuine though – amazing!)
    @Meg Fisher sorry for bad language (amazing stuff, have sent the post above to some ex-army mates who are trying to get back in to sport after amputations, and yes please to an article!)

  11. @Meg Fisher – another +1 for the article here. It’s great to hear from a true Velominata at the top level of the sport.

  12. I just had a little cry. Oh my! Meg, V Cred just got a new standard!

  13. Yet again I have to say…you all are awesome! You all do my heart good…Thank you for the support for Meg and all the others in similar situations. Please do understand that what she accomplished is because she chose. She had a moment when she realized that (in spite of everything)she could be whatever she wanted to be. She was granted a
    “do over”. She chose the path she is on now and and I am a fan.

  14. Howdy Folks,

    I feel like I’m just returning to reality. After a week of final exams and a week of teaching a wilderness medicine course on the Olympic Peninsula, (with a weekend of bike racing in the middle) I am back in Seattle ready to take on the World.

    Last night, I wrote an article and sent it the man in charge. Hopefully, it will be posted. I look forward to your questions and comments.

    I hope all of you Seattleites took advantage of the sun this past weekend!

  15. @Meg Fisher
    Looking forward to reading that. Hopefully the Keepers aren’t too preoccupied with the Tour and get it up soon.

  16. Just wondering when @Meg Fisher’s article might appear. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving all the Keepers Tour stuff and discussion about the Rules along with the usual chat and bonhomie but am really looking forward to this one.

  17. @Jonny
    Seconded, I’m eagerly awaiting that article.

  18. Its done and in the queue – we’re just waiting to make some arrangements on the donation fund etc to post it up. Shouldn’t be long now.

  19. Just looking through the schedules for the Paralympics that start this wednesday and I remembered this article.  I’m not sure if this has been mentioned somewhere else but it looks like Meg did make the team heading for London:

    2012 U.S. Paralympic Team

    Female (8)

    • Monica Bascio (Ridgewood, N.J./Evergreen, Colo.)
    • Kelley Crowley (San Francisco, Calif./Redwood, Calif.)
    • Alicia Dana (Putney, Vt./Putney, Vt.)
    • Muffy Davis (Sun Valley, Idaho/Salt Lake City, Utah)
    • Megan Fisher (Missoula, Mont./Seattle, Wash.)
    • Allison Jones (Colorado Springs, Colo./Colorado Springs, Colo.)
    • Greta Neimanas (Chicago, Ill./Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Calif.)
    • Jennifer Schuble (Houston, Texas/Homewood, Ala.), ret., Army


    I’ll try to follow her progress.  

  20. I just signed in to post to this thread, glad someone already did.  Meg’s first qualifying race is tomorrow!  She looked fabulous in Ralph Lauren for the opening ceremony!  What an amazing woman.  I’m so glad to have “met” her here.

  21. Looks like she got a Silver medal in the Individual Pursuit and she’s got a race tomorrow and the RR is Thursday.

  22. Results show that Meg won the Gold in the ITT – AWESOME!!!!

    But she DNF’d the RR.  Anybody know what happened?

  23. I haven’t seen her post anything about it yet.  Awesome job on the gold and silver!!

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