Velominati Super Prestige: Tour de Suisse

Velominati Super Prestige: Tour de Suisse

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The inaugural Velominati Super Prestige makes an unscheduled stop this week at the Tour de Suisse.  Originally left off the VSP roster, it was decided among the Keepers that the ‘fourth Grand Tour’ is indeed worthy of inclusion in our humble tipping competition. As one of the final hit-outs for many Tour de France contenders, the Swiss race shows who might be ready to step up in July, who’s needing to pull their finger out, and who might be targeting this race as a worthy addition to their palmares.  With a couple of  TT’s, stages that could go to the sprinters or a daring breakaway, and some of the most picturesque mountain passes in Europe, it has something for everyone, and anyone could win.

Can Motorcus find an ‘extra gear’ and back up his 09 victory?  Will the EgoTesticle show signs of his old self on the bike, or just behave like his old self off it?  And are the Brothers Grimpeur finally going to do something, anything?

Let us know your thoughts, and make your picks to pick up a sweet Obey The Rules bumper sticker, in the posts section on this page.  For a full rundown on the competition scoring etc, visit our VSP Schedule, Rules and Results page.

Good luck!

// Velominati Super Prestige

  1. @all
    WFT?? The Keepers are out for a day suffering like Sweet Baby Jesus on the Cross, and I come back and my boy won the race?? No idea what happened; I’ll have to sync up and then I’ll get the VSP results out later today.

    I can’t believe Pharmdog got second and did Gesink fall off his bike?

  2. @frank says, “No idea what happened.” Perhaps F. Schleck went to the Alberto Contador school on time-trailing for wafer thin, wimpy little guys with no muscle whatsoever.

  3. @david
    More like Guns of Navarone.

  4. @all
    Christ. I have to upgrade my VSP tracking software. This was epic, we showed some newcomers (Andy) and others coming in and staring to close down the gap to Rob.

    Rob managed to maintain his lead in the overall VSP, while newcomer Velominatus Andy won the Obey the Rules bumper sticker. Good work, mate!

    1 Frank: 10 points
    2 Andy: 7 points
    3 Brett: 2 points
    4 Marko: 2 points
    5 Rob: 2 points
    6 Marcus: 2 points
    7 John: 1 point
    8 Geof: 1 point
    9 Robert Marques: 1 point
    10 Steampunk: 1 point
    11 David: 1 point
    12 Nathan Edwards: 0 points
    13 Jarvis: 0 points
    14 Joe: 0 points
    15 Souleur: 0 points
    16 Ben: 0 points
    17 Crossy: 0 points
    18 Dale: 0 points

  5. I bow down to you Frank you are so way out front! The pressure continues and now that Pharmstrong is looking like his old self the tour picks are just going to be that much more difficult…

    Andy, well done, enjoy the bumper sticker it gets a good reaction.

  6. @all

    The overall standings have been published; it is confirmed that Rob is still overall leader and Andy should be expecting his sticker soon.

    Well done everyone – see you all back here in July! It’s going to be a beyhatch to figure the wins there.

  7. now if I’d only remembered to put a few quid on Schleck senior…

    I can’t wait for the Tour to start, i’ve got my Flanders and Basque flags out in anticipation!

  8. @andy
    Nice picks for Switzerland! I’ll be withholding my TdF picks until I’ve seen yours…

  9. Hey is anybody double checking Franks scores? I am going to my bookie with his picks for the TdF.

  10. Rob :Andy, well done, enjoy the bumper sticker it gets a good reaction.

    Best reaction I’ve had to mine so far: “Are you a cop?” (“Piss off – I’m a Rule Holist” didn’t seem like a helpful answer, so I just said “Er, no”.)

  11. Well, I was crap!

  12. On another topic. Not sure if any of you lot caught up with this TdF Fantasy game last year

    I have set up a mini-league, happy for all and sundry to join.

    Go to the game ,pick your team then use the ‘mini-league admin’ option to join my mini-league.

    The details you need are:
    League Name: Super Domestique
    League password: jens01

    It doesn’t cost anything – plus there are some great prizes to win!

  13. Wait, you’re going to spend some amount of your time constructing a fantasy team for the TdF? And, you’re going to invest yourself, psychologically, in this “team” scoring point for you? Are you unemployed, on the dole? If you are, you should be ridding 6-8 hours per day and should not concern yourself with such nonsense. Jesus Christ. Harden the fuck up.

  14. @david

  15. @Rob

    Hey is anybody double checking Franks scores?

    You guys totally SHOULD double-check my scores. I did my best, but who knows. Plus, Marko was over and Marko, my Velomihottie, and I were undergoing a bout of savage drinking at the time, so anything is possible.

  16. @frank Its not about your math, no matter how drunk you were – its about where you are getting your info and if you have an inside track to team politics and the deals being cut in the peloton? Your score is so far out front that we have to question your sources… I mean your wasting the likes of Brett, John, Geof and they are students of the pro game. You have led the results by wide margins in 4 out of 6 races and in the other 2 you have not been last. I’m just saying….

    I think there should be an inquiry and a grand jury convened to make sure this Competition is not rigged!! Mind I am not complaining I still have the awesome world champ jersey by the skin of my teeth and the fact that you are not subject to our plebian level.

    On another subject do we get a report (and images) on the gathering of the inner circle of the Velominati?

  17. @Rob
    Naming both Frankie-boy and Gaysink in the top five in their respective places was blind luck. I pretty much just voted with my heart and tempered it with a light (very light) touch of reality which is the only reason I didn’t put those two lads in 1-2.

    We have a full account of the madness coming shortly; including pictures and video. Stand by.

    My goodness, does John ever have a magnificent stroke. You trained him well.

  18. Rob :@frank I think there should be an inquiry and a grand jury convened to make sure this Competition is not rigged!!

    Clairvoyantical doping?

  19. @Geof
    No point investigating: Frank’s already paid the UCI off.

  20. @Steampunk
    It was just a donation. Pat has the receipt. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along …

  21. @Geof
    True enough. Besides: he’s never tested positive. Now, only if he had a bitter and ostracized former friend…

  22. @Steampunk
    “I was once required to deliver a ouja board to Frank”.
    “Frank showed me how to conduct a micro-sceances and autologous spirit transfusions.”
    “I had to look after Frank’s tarot cards while he was on holiday.”
    Now that WOULD be a story…

  23. frank :@Rob

    We have a full account of the madness coming shortly; including pictures and video. Stand by.
    My goodness, does John ever have a magnificent stroke. You trained him well.

    Can’t wait and I can take no credit for johns wicked stroke he is all self trained. In fact with his awesome physique it is a fucking miracle that he looks as brilliant on a bike as he does! I’d give credit to Velominati and the rules but he was the man who wrote Rule #5 and I think he became awesome when he moved up from the champagne Peugeot to the Merlin… and that was years ago. I think he is on something else now?

  24. I just got Velonews’ Tour de France Official Guide. I’m so bewildered by the TdF VSP picks, I was looking for some help. Paid freakin’ nine bucks for it. I can’t find anything good in it that I have not gotten by reading Velonews or Cyclingnews daily, except for an article on Wiggins. It’s got interview extracts I have not seen yet. Waste.

    Wiggins, though, is really talking smack. In fact, I nominate him for Pre-Tour COTHO.

    “Looking back now, Wiggins believes he could have even challenged for the victory in 2009. . . . “I felt at the time I could have gone with Contador when he attacked at Andorra. But I was like, ‘No, no, no. Don’t be stupid.’ . . . . ‘The first two weeks, . . . I never pushed it, even when I was really good at the Tour. I just stayed on the safe side of caution. I stayed on the defensive.”

    Hmm. But in the third week, when you could have attacked the old man to get on the podium, you were what???

    Wiggins: “Well, it was just for third place at that point. Third, fourth, what’s the difference.”

    No, I just made that up.

    Actual quote.

    “I think JV [Jonathan Vaughters] really understood why I had to leave,” Wiggins said. “There were certain things that he couldn’t do for me. There were certain things he wanted me to do that I was never going to be willing to do.”

    The prediction about the TdF I’m most confident in is that Wiggins and Sky are going to crash and burn.

  25. @david
    Don’t always agree with someone who regards Rule Holism as “the dark side”, but I just can’t get on the Twiggo train. Ever since he bailed from JV after JV had seemingly rescued him from what was rapidly turning into another “failed to make the transition from the track” story. I don’t blame him for wanting to follow the money. But it’s poor form to follow it prematurely.

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