Jaw Dropper: Velominati Jawbones

Velominati Custom Jawbone Configuration

I’m the first to admit that we are probably over doing it on the Velominati Kit article thing. That being said, I simply have to put one more out there, which will double more-or-less as a product review.

I previously wrote a piece on Radars and Jawbones wherein I asserted that Oakley Radars are the ideal cycling eye wear and the following about the Jawbones:

Imagine my amazement, then, when Oakley released the Jawbones.  They are ugly and look like they’d be even hotter than normal sunglasses, with no open-air system between the glasses and the cheek.  Besides, the dual-color version that many pros have been sporting is no good whatsoever and should be abandoned as quickly as possible.

I’m guessing that by this time you’ve figured out that I bought a pair of Jawbones.  As with many things in marketing, when you get beat over the head often enough with an image, you gradually become accustomed to it. Over the last season, my initial repulsion turned into acceptance turned into appreciation.

One theme with the Jawbones that helped win me over was that the pros started to get creative with the many color combinations available and used them to create a bit of a mean appearance.  A light-colored frame paired to a dark jaw gives a sort of “shovel” look – kind of like a bulldozer with it’s blade down. Enter the first of the Velominati kit concepts and my imagination immediately drifted to the Jawbones and possible Velominati-specific configurations.  Velominati Media Czar and I traded configurations and finally settled on silver frames, dark gray jaws, orange bolts, and orange lenses.  We were terribly tempted to opt for the orange jaws as well (in his words, “We both want to like the orange”, but they didn’t hold enough visual weight to create the “mean shovel” look, so we ultimately opted for the dark gray option instead.

Finally – after weeks of petitioning – the Finance Committee finally approved the purchase of said Jawbones (my Velomihottie holds a controlling vote).  Here you have them paired to our kit:

They did very well on their maiden voyage; light and not nearly as hot as one would expect with the vented lens options.  And, when they get a bit warm during a climb, they still fit perfectly into the vents of my helmet, so I’m still happy.

Frame: Silver
Jaw: Dark Grey
Thru bolt: Atomic Orange
Lens: Fire Iridium Vented
Lens: Clear Vented
Icon: Matte Black
Earsock: Black

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34 Replies to “Jaw Dropper: Velominati Jawbones”

  1. Mike bike is nude carbon with silver and red graphics and my cycling club kit is black with white and red. I like the stealhy understated look so I would go this way.

  2. @Jarvis
    Thanks. It was a tough call. I can’t overstate my Velomihottie’s patience as I deliberated for hours – nay weeks or even months – on exactly what configuration was best.

    Me: “OK, honey, which do you like best? This one or *click* this one?”

    Her: “Mmm-hm. That one *turns page in magazine without looking up*.”

    Me: “Yeah, me too. But what about the bolt color?”

    Her: “Mmm-hm. That one’s good.”

    Me: “Yeah, I think so too. I’m glad we agree on everything, always, without exception.”

    Her: “Mmm-hm. *walks out of room*.”

    And this from a woman whose pet peeve is when people are too color-coordinated.

  3. 1. I’m jealous as hell. Those are wicked pissa.(high Maine compliment)
    2. The iridium lenses will hide your pain in Tour de Blast.
    3. Great Frank photo, that should be a post. What’s in a picture? Too much to comment on here, all positive. All nice.
    4. Oakley is genius for making these customizable, they will sell many. I’ve owned various Oakley’s for cycling over the years and have never strayed. And I end up wearing them for everything. My polarized Radars were the bomb until I saw these.
    5. Daddy want.

  4. @crossy
    Yeah, that’s been up on here for about a week now.


    I just went through the Oakley configurations, and then realised I came up with the black pair that you have in the finalists! I tried orange jaws too, but it was just too much.

    Being a prescription wearer, choosing glasses is an expensive task. I’ve been rocking my Rudy Project Ekynox SX’s for about 5 years now, with the RX insert. It means I can change lenses and still have my vision. And they invoke the spirit of Der Kaiser every time I put them on…

  5. @john
    They give you a free bag for doing the customization (in which you can put stuff inside if you wish), and the glasses come with a second set of lenses and a case. Thats like a $100 of free stuff.

    People ask me about prescription options and I never know what to say. I wear glasses, but my eyesight is not so bad and I just ride without. I forgot the Rudys have prescription inserts, and so do Geof’s Adidas glasses.

    I’ve heard the Oakley’s prescription inserts are not only very expensive, but they also distort the peripheral areas.

    Speaking of peripheral vision, I went for the vented lenses to try to keep the potential of fogging down, but the holes for the vented glasses really messed with me for a little while as I got used to the weirdness around the edges.

    And now you’ve gone and mentioned Der Kaiser. What a stud that guys was. Am I wrong for missing the likes of Cipo, Jan, and Ullrich every time I watch a bike race?

  6. Ha ha ha…I know that experience of bugging your sig. other WAY too much about a new cycling decision. Yep, done it with customizing Oakleys too. Hmm, seems like us cycling freaks are a bit alike!

    As for the Jawbones. Never worn them, so maybe they are great on the bike and function trumps form. And, I’m even a fan of kind of wild looking shades. But, in my opinion they are pretty darn hideous. Never seen any I’ve liked much. I think they are even uglier than the Radars.

    But, they do match your kit, helmet and bike pretty well. So enjoy them! Sorry to be negative, but I just can’t get on the cyclowagon with these.

  7. @Frank

    Cool shades. After breaking my Rudy Project glasses weeks ago, I’m still riding blind – or feels like it anyway. I’m looking for new glasses. That’s also the reason why I haven’t sprung for the official Velominati jersey. Only so much disposable bike income per month – or in my case – every few months.

  8. @Ron
    No worries, mate! I hated the Jawbones myself until I loved them. They perform, I have to say, amazingly well. Not nearly as warm as you’d think, and no fogging at all. Aces.

  9. @Dan O
    Ouch, that is definitely the priority; you gotta protect your eyes, mate! An you had the Kaiser shades like Brett, if I’m not mistaken. Tragedy.

  10. Frank,
    “they still fit perfectly into the vents of my helmet,”
    Which reminds me, what model Bell are you wearing? My previous Bell cracked in 3 places upon impact… luckily doing it’s job. It was a nightmare replacing it, LBS had a sale going on Gyro’s, tried as I might could not get one of them to feel right. I went with one anyway, gave me a nasty headache on first ride, returned. No appropriate Bell’s in stock.

    Trial and error with online shop, now have a Volt. Oakley M-Frames do not have the perfect fit into helmet vents like my old Bell had =(

  11. @Adam
    I ride a Bell Sweep and I love it. Moved my old red Sweep which clashed with the kit to my #1 Mountbike Helmet status and bought another one. I was very, very tempted to get the Volt but felt the vents might not hold my shades as well since I’ve been so happy with how the Sweep grabs ’em. Right-side up, upside-down; doesn’t matter – death grip either way.

    I didn’t want to chance it but also felt I might be missing out on the new top-shelf offering. It sounds like your experience validates that concern. The Sweep is less expensive, to boot.

  12. @pakrat
    Well, no. Of course, had I etched them, it would have been with Rule #5. Lets not forget where we are.

    But, I didn’t. I considered it. I was going between OBEY THE RULES and VELOMINATI, but I have other shades with etching along the bottom like that and find it really distracting. So I opted for nothing.

    Wrong choice? Maybe. I may yet order some.

  13. Ok guys, I need glasses and 2 bills is way out of my league right now (really). Any suggestions? Still rummaging around for my Briko Stingers, but probably not going to find them.

  14. Glad you came around on these bad boys. I bought a pair in Italy for a smoking deal of 150€. Unfortunately I didn’t get to customize them. So I went with the matte black and vented lenses. I have a Rudy Project Sterling helmet that has a built in sunglasses dock. they go together so well. maybe when I get my V jersey I will also get the orange lenses to match.

  15. I’m in need of a new pair of cycling glasses and I’ve been agonizing over the decision for a couple of weeks; first, which glasses to buy (it came down to the Radars and Jawbones for me, but the Jawbones seem to fit my head better), and now, which colors? My bike is mostly blue and black with some red accents, but my helmet and most of my cycling clothing is black and red, so I’m thinking of going with the silver frame and dark grey jaws, red anodized bolts, metallic red icons and red lenses.

    My other thought is to go with the dark grey frame and matte black (or maybe polished black) jaws and the rest the same. (I’d post pictures but I don’t know how to get the pic off the Oakley website!)

    I kind of enjoy the agony of indecision when it comes to new cycling stuff, but at the same time my old glasses are pissing me off, so I’ll have to decide soon…

  16. What a coincidence to have an article on new cycling specs. I had a local vendor certificate and a gift card burning a hole in my pocket. Went to a local bike store and picked up a very nice pair of Serfas specs. $50. Clear frame with black accents and skinny arms so they should slide into helmet vents just fine. Light, four sets of lenses (clear, dark, red and red with mirror finish), adjustable nose bridge and just the right size for my big head. The nose piece is important to me as the one-size-fits-all bridge on most glasses just doesn’t work on my face. Looking forward to wearing them tonight.

  17. @frank

    “As with many things in marketing, when you get beat over the head often enough with an image, you gradually become accustomed to it. Over the last season, my initial repulsion turned into acceptance turned into appreciation.”

    How long ’til we all appreciate the aero helmets???

  18. Went for these

    Will post some pics to see how they go with a Kask helmet and my ugly face/head.

    Look good on Igor

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