Velominati Super Prestige: 2011 Women’s Elite Worlds Road Race

Velominati Super Prestige: 2011 Women’s Elite Worlds Road Race

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Google Image Search Marianne Vos and you will turn up a mountain of photos of her throwing her arms aloft in victory aboard every kind of bicycle you can imagine. Road racing, Cyclocross, Track; she’s been World Champion in every discipline I can think of without trying very hard to think of every discipline. She’s even been Dutch National Champion in Mountain Biking, although if you’ve ever been to the Netherlands, you might have noticed a paucity of mountains, so I’m not sure how significant that accomplishment is. I suppose, however, that this is a bit of a redundant discussion since she’s Dutch, and that’s already the same as saying she’s Awesome.

In the other corner, we have Nicole Cooke; a woman who’s palmeres on Wikipedia fills up three entire rows to Vos’s measly two. She’s been British National Road Race Champion so many times that for a number of years I had no idea what her team kit actually looked like. Her list of wins, while not as diverse as Voseseses in terms of disciplines, boasts wins in every road racing category: Time Trials, Road Races, Grand Tours as well as Classics, and Points and Mountains Classifications in stage races. She was the first woman to the top of le Mur de Huy so often that it took the rise of a certain Dutchwoman to break her seemingly unstoppable streak. As is customary, however, when you kick that much ass it’s hard to keep your knees in order and as a consequence she’s been sidelined repeatedly with chronic knee injuries. A pity, that; I bet she could have filled a fourth row had she been able to race uninterrupted.

But two favorites don’t make for an exciting race, and thankfully the list of contenders for Saturday’s Women’s World Road Race Championships goes well beyond Vos and Cooke. A quick browse through the startlist shows Rochelle Gilmore riding for the Aussies, Judith Ardt spinning the cranks for Germany, Emma Pooley singing backup for Nicole, Giorgia Bronzini leading for Italy, and the great Kristin Armstrong returning from motherhood to lead the US team together with Amber Neben.

Mix all of them up on a course that’s harder than people are giving it credit for, and you’ve got an unpredictable race in the works. Consult the Oracle and enter your picks; this edition of the Velominati Super Prestige will be followed closely by the Men’s race on Sunday, so buckle up a for a great weekend of guessing and racing. As always, if you are inclined to enter, simply post your predictions for the top five placings in the form below. Make your picks by 5am Pacific Saturday morning, regular VSP Rules apply.  Good luck!

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  1. @Sprider
    So how come so many people have picked Kristin Armstrong when she’s not even riding?


    1. Ina The Winner

  2. Good looking out Oli.


    1. Vos
    2. Arndt
    3. Bronzini
    4. Cooke
    5. Armistead

  3. @Oli
    She’s on the official start list, if not the Cyclingnews one.

    Hatch, on the other hand, is not. So I’m swapping her out for Dede. Damnit. Pooley then.


    1. The V-os
    2. Arndt you glad you knocked?
    3. Johanssonburg
    4. Pooley
    5. Armstrong


    1. Cooke
    2. Arndt
    3. Vos
    4. Chloe Hosking
    5. Teutenberg

  5. wouldn’t have a clue

  6. picks don’t seem to be coming thru – so typing them as well
    1. Teutenberg
    2. Arndt
    3. Vos
    4. Cooke
    5. Hosking


    1. Teutenberg
    2. Arndt
    3. Vos
    4. Cooke
    5. Hosking


    1. Vos
    2. Cooke
    3. Arndt
    4. Armstrong
    5. Hosking

  8. VSP picks


    1. Vos
    2. Teutenberg
    3. Arndt
    4. Johansson
    5. Armstrong

  9. I forgot that Armstrong was booted from the team. Changes made.


    1. Armitstead
    2. Vos
    3. Cooke
    4. Arndt
    5. Gilmore

  10. Out of principle I suggest we forget the VSP for this less than Awesome event, at least so far… my club ride is more exciting than this race so far.

    I like the Cycling News live-text summary:

    “Welcome back to the Worlds! The women have just started on lap six of ten. And what has happened in the previous five laps?

    Absolutely nothing….

    The peloton has been underway for just over two hours. In a group. The whole time. “

  11. Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn. Overslept. There can be only one. Vos is the Highlander.

    Cut me some slack, I’m either a lawyer who dabbles in media or a media producer who is also a lawyer, in any event I was up late last night working on a MySQL DB. And I didn’t get a damn ride in. So I’m feeling a little surly.


    There is no one but Vos.

    Just so we are clear. Vos Vos Vos Vos Vos.

  12. I hope Clara Hughes stays out and wins, as a reward for being the only person in the race to do anything.

  13. Thank God that’s over – I could have picked up a decent finish in that load of shite.

  14. UCI Worlds Copenhagen road Elite Women:
    1. Bronzini (ITA)
    2. Vos (NED)
    3. Teutenberg (GER)
    4. Cooke (GBR)
    5. Martisova (RUS)

  15. What started as a bit of a slow race turned into a cracker for the last few laps; heartbreak for Vos, elation for Bronzini.

    Final Race Results
    1. BRONZINIGiorgia
    2. VOSMarianne
    4. COOKENicole
    5. MARTISOVAJulia

    Final VSP Results
    1. Sprider (8 points)
    2. itburns (7 points)
    3. Netraam (6 points)
    4. mblume (6 points)
    5. benjamin (6 points)
    6. Mikel Pearce (6 points)
    7. il ciclista medio (5 points)
    8. Ankush (5 points)
    9. pakrat (5 points)
    10. Cyclops (5 points)
    11. Nate (5 points)
    12. Andrew (5 points)
    13. Jeff in PetroMetro (5 points)
    14. ramenvelo (5 points)
    15. harminator (4 points)
    16. RedRanger (4 points)
    17. Minion (4 points)
    18. Marcus (4 points)
    19. G'phant (3 points)
    20. ChrisO (3 points)
    21. VeloVita (3 points)
    22. Roadslave525 (3 points)
    23. wiscot (3 points)
    24. Buck Rogers (3 points)
    25. sgt (3 points)
    26. Sam (3 points)
    27. tony macaroni (3 points)
    28. xyxax (3 points)
    29. Alex (3 points)
    30. Dr C (2 points)
    31. Mikael Liddy (2 points)
    32. mouse (2 points)
    33. brett (2 points)
    34. anotherdownunder (2 points)
    35. Bongo (2 points)
    36. scaler911 (2 points)
    37. CanuckChuck (2 points)
    38. MJMoquin (2 points)
    39. snoov (2 points)
    40. Steampunk (2 points)
    41. Chris (2 points)
    42. Mikeweb (2 points)
    43. seemunkee (2 points)
    44. Marko (2 points)
    45. Ron (2 points)
    46. Godsight (2 points)
    47. LA Dave (2 points)
    48. mcsqueak (2 points)
    49. R00td0wn (2 points)
    50. Oli (1 points)
    51. ben (1 points)
    52. frank (1 points)

    53. drsoul (1 points)

  16. @snoov

    @Cyclops@frankWhether or not BMX is a sport is irrelevant, BMX is rad! I raced and me and my pals built a halfpipe in a bit of waste ground in the early eighties. Scott Carroll was the best of us and he won the World Freestyle contest in Paris in 1987 or there abouts beating Matt Hoffman (the favourite). Then the next year he showed up in California and beat him again! He’s no longer with us but he could ride the shit out of one of those toy bikes!

    I took this photo of him one evening – maybe the best photo I ever took.

    Anatomy of a Photo (all from just a silhouette): Haro Master, Skyway Tuffs, Shimano DX pedals, probalbly Redline Flight cranks but could be the crappy Haro 3 pc. cranks that would come loose all the time.

  17. I don’t know, but it looked like Bronzini and Teutenberg sandwiched Vos. I don’t know if the jury is going to do something, but is that going to affect our score? I mean, Vos could be declared winner if Bronzini gets disqualified for her aggressive sprinting.

  18. Damn! Picked three out of five in the top five, but all in the wrong order! Hopefully tomorrow works out better!!!

  19. I was late for my picks, nevertheless I’m definitely happy!
    Brava Giorgia!

  20. Where did Armstrong finish?

  21. @Oli, um, I think she was watching from home.

    Bronzini surprised me, she’s got the V and some.

  22. @sprider

    @Oli, um, I think she was watching from home.


  23. @Cyclops, @snoov
    Alright, that’s a pretty sweet shot. Still feels like a sport the way curling is a sport, though I’m open to the possibility that I’m wrong, however infrequently that happens. Kind of refreshing, actually. Every day when it happens.

    Feeling a bit dickish today, are we?

  24. @frank

    Feeling a bit dickish today, are we?

    No more so than usual? Just thought it was odd that you assumed I went from the Cyclingnews start list, and allowed people to think she was racing when she wasn’t.

  25. That crowd was packing some guns. Guns of Vagaronne? Thank Merckx that one finally started shelling before the very end.

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