Awesome Dutch Nerds

Finally the Dutch are showing their true potential.

No one is going to read the Friday-before-De-Ronde post unless it is an exclusive interview with Tommeke and he is not answering our IMs. Four years ago at KT2012 we were there when Boonen took Ballan and Pozzato to the line. Who would have bet against him then? Now there are some doubts but he Looks Fantastic. Shouldn’t that count for something? Maybe he has been sandbagging his way through last week’s races. Maybe this has been Etixx-Quickstep’s mad plan after all. Not bloody likely, but we can hope Tommeke gets to the front and scares everyone again.

While the Belgians work on that, the Dutch have been working on this.

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14 Replies to “Awesome Dutch Nerds”

  1. In other news, Pat McQuaid tells all; Hein Verbruggen arrested in Brussels. Details at 11:00.

  2. This just in…Belgian cyclocrosser, Femke van den Driessche, recently confirmed that her new sponsor is Google Netherlands.

  3. Rumor on the bus, Boonen is going back to basics when he dominated Ronde van Vlaanderens back to back (2006, 2005) and will run 10s, perhaps 9s.

  4. lmfao. Well done, Google Nederland, well done. This beats the “Actual Reality” Google Cardboard Plastic in the US.

  5. Thanks Gianni & Google Netherlands for once again making 1 April the best day of the year.

  6. Professionally done, their Dutch accent is much better than mine!

    Reminds me of the video where someone tries to push a robot and he recovers. Guys, this will be the future though and am sure the Dutch will invent it and make it happen.

  7. I’m going to get my hair cut like Matthew Feigal. Kinda like a reverse Larry Fine.

  8. Oh man some of the comments on YouTube for that video! I shouldn’t have scrolled down.

    Never. Scroll. Down.

    Except on Velominati, obviously!





  9. Look at the Limar helmet on Tommeke in the lead photo. They should reintroduce that as a well ventilated aero model now.  Ahead of its time and much better than their current line up.

  10. Of course, this article being posted on the weekend of the RVV, it received about as much attention as it should of (playing with you here, Gianni) but that lead photo is awesome!

    I had never seen a photo of Tommeke pre-2002.

    That alone was worth the click on the article page.

  11. Yeah, Buck. It’s a great photo, but I’m wondering where he got the KGB silent assassin gloves from? Looks ready to win a bike race, then strangle you for traitorous behavior…

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