Friday Night Lights

Racing at the Marymoor velodrome

Took my 2-yr-old son to the last of the Marymoor Velodrome summer series races tonight. He rode his tricycle up to watch from the top of high-bank turn and sat there, transfixed. It was a perfect late summer evening– dry and warm, with a lingering sunset. The Cat 1&2 races were fast and precise, and the two-wheeled machines looked perfect in the purity of the track form.

As we left, I asked my son if he had fun. He responded, redirecting the conversation as only a toddler can…

ME: “Did you like the races and the fast bikes?”
SON: “You ride your bike fast!”
ME: “That’s right, sometimes I ride fast too. I push hard on the pedals and go fast.”
SON: “Push on the pedals and go FAST! Push on the pedals and go FAST! ”

I believe my work here is done. The kid is going to be fine.

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66 Replies to “Friday Night Lights”

  1. @Oli
    He looks like he’s summing up the competition. “I’m gonna rip your legs off.” Totally awesome!

  2. @Dan O
    I remember a great piece on your site where you detailed the building of your son’s bike. Great stuff.

    Those are my favorite shades ever. Love how they match the kit. Pantani class. The Roadworks kit, from this angle, even looks like it might be lycra denim.


  3. @Nate, @Oli

    Seriously. Kid Rudys. Where can I get my littles pairs of those? Genius.

    Je pence those are Briko Stingers, not Rudy’s. Never been a fan of Rudy’s, despite my boys Jan and Erik (Dekker) riding them and making them look badass.


    No denim Roadworks gear has ever or will ever exist.

    I expected nothing less. And thank Merckx for that, too.

  4. @jimmy
    SPECTACULAR. A Prophet, with the most beautiful Shimano group ever made. Incredibly good work. The only issue I’ve got is the hair under the helmet; please ensure he immediately start to fan the hair up and out of the vents in order to channel maximum V.

  5. @jimmy
    Plenty of Rule #6, and loads of the V. That is the killer look, combined with that look of joy combined mischief that we all find on two wheels. Stoked to see a kid that young on a bike and loving it, Velominatus-style. My only concern is: where do you go from a Scandium Merckx with the best DT shifter group Shimano ever made? A Steel Merckx with Campa, I suppose, but…that’s not a lot of room to grow.

  6. If any Welluminati are interested our track racing starts soon, there’s a working bee this weekend, and a couple of Tuesday night warm up nights on the next 2 Tuesdays. Training nights the track is available are Monday, Thursday and Sunday arvo, and the club has bikes suitable for Juniors and adults to hire. The Calender will be on the Port Nicholson Poeneke cycling club site.

  7. Some great photography from the Team GB track training camp.

    Need to get a motorbike for my 2 x 20 sessions (and up the pace a lot!)

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