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  1. @wilburrox

    Yes, that was a fantastic finale also. Sadly so much promise unfulfilled last season, hopefully more to come this year from a few new’er’ classics specialists. GvA also a highlight for me last year.

    Apologies for the pic post fail.

  2. @Beers

    TdF Stage 5 was beyond cool and Boom’s performance was simply looney tunes impressive. He smashed it. The images captured in the photos, I dig the one of Porte on Thomas’ wheel and all tattered and torn, can’t help but make me think I’m not worthy.

    I love this time of year coming up!

  3. @Pedale.Forchetta

    I have a dislike for Talansky after an interview he did a couple of years ago, basically he was defending Armstrong and made the statement that “fans owe it to the riders to believe in them”. Sounded like soundbites straight out of the COTHO handbook. He reiterated the same sentiments in a consequent interview. Fans don’t owe anything to riders, riders need to make us believe… statements like his only reinforce the belief that there is still something rotten in Denmark.

  4. If you want to see someone looking shit, look no further than Peter Winnen.

    He once got into trouble because of that, his team leader kept thinking he was looking at the ladies on the side of the road.

  5. @brett

    Tejay van Garderen has also gone down in my estimation since the recent Rouleur article mentioned that he was training with Armstrong.

    Surely anyone must realise that their credibility will be fucked by association regardless of what they were actually doing.

  6. Say what? Winnen looking shit? Shurely shome mishtake? Who’s the BMC rider in the orange jersey posted above? THAT is looking shit.

    As for Talansky, if what’s been posted is true (those comments) then he’s just gone way down in my regard. Riders owe it to their fans to give them reason to believe in them. Hey, Talansky, who buys the products advertized on your kit that pays your wages? Oh, yeah, fans. You owe them, not the other way around.

    TvG training with Armstrong? Why not go for a nice espresso with Dr Ferrari? It’s just coffee? Boy’s a fool. When you sleep with dogs, don’t be surprised if you get up with fleas. Can’t believe BMC wouldn’t nip that shit in the bud.

  7. @wiscot

    When you sleep with dogs, don’t be surprised if you get up with fleas. Can’t believe BMC wouldn’t nip that shit in the bud.

    Andy Riis owned Phonak as well….Hamilton, Landis…would you really be THAT surprised?

  8. I guess I was hoping “lessons might have been learned” but apparently not. Why any cyclist would want to be seen in Armstrong’s company baffles me. I mean, he just said that he’d dope all over again, just not do the comeback.

  9. @wiscot

    I remember vividly the faces portrayed in Winning Bicycle Racing magazine from the early 90’s.

    I would get copies from what I now know to be an early sensei, he would thumb through them and pass them on to me.

    One thing that I still recall are all the contorted smiles even in the midst of the greatest efforts.

  10. @brett

    Sound familiar? Excerpts from the Talansky bullshit file:

    Full interview here

    I think if AT had placed more emphasis on “this generation” his quote would have been better. I still think the riders have to prove it to the fans by returning several seasons without a whiff of suspicion.

  11. There will never be a time of no suspicion, and if we were foolish enough to think there was the whole sport would revert back to how it was in the bad old days. I don’t believe this means that guys like Talansky can’t get frustrated with the constant line of questioning though, just as his frustration shouldn’t prevent us from being suspicious; either he’s clean – in which case why shouldn’t he be frustrated with the suspicion? – or he’s dirty and hopefully we find out one day.

    Also, it sounds familiar because there are only so many words or phrases available in the English language to proclaim your innocence, and when Armstrong said those things there was no Armstrong Lie to add a context – Talansky has the history to understand the ramifications of the lie that Armstrong couldn’t…

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