Velominati Super Prestige: Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal 2012

Rui Costa leafs the opposition behind in 2011. Photo: Rob Jones

Ok, as some of you have been reminding us, this one slipped off the radar last year, and threatened to do the same again this time. Is it because it’s held in Canada? That despite a quality field and only two weeks away from the Worlds, it’s in Canada? That even though the course is a perfect template for riders who hold hopes for earning some stripes in Valkenburg, this race is still in Canada?

There should be a good deal of interest in this race from the locals, now that The Weight of a Nation has been somewhat lifted with Ryder’s win in the Giro in May. He will be on the start line in Montreal, no doubt garnering the most attention of anyone clipping in for this semi-Classic, fast gaining a solid reputation along with its sibling in Quebec, held on Friday and won by Aussie puncheur Simon Gerrans. These two could both feature here, and will definitely be looking ahead a fortnight too. Lats year’s winner Rui Costa is back to defend, and the likes of T5, GvA, LL Cool, Chav, Sags and Boss Hog will all have something to say.

Check out the start list, think about your goals for the Worlds, get your picks in and good luck!

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121 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Grand Prix Cycliste de Montreal 2012”

  1. @Fausto


    48 sleepless hrs between Afghanistan and the UK may not have helped the grumpiness of my post, so here’s a more positive suggestion – a 48hr cutoff for posting a new VSP up. If real life intrudes on you guys getting the latest comp up, apologise, skip it and move on. It happened earlier in the year, and I’m sure no-one will complain if it happens again. We get that this is done for fun and for free, so don’t feel that you have to make rods for your own backs by rushing it when there’s more important stuff on.

    Mid-Tour or Tour completion, Brother?  Either way, great to know that you are out of harm’s way, at least for a while.

  2. @unversio

    @Buck Rogers

    Oh come on!  When did you put is up???  i hav been looking for it for the last 72 hours!

    Sagan, Sanchez, Voeckler, EBH, and Hesjedal in fifth.

    Zero points either way.

    Actually I would have tied for 14th with one point!  I want my goddamnMotherfuckingcuntwankering one point for fuck’s sake!!!  Insert Frank’s favorite emoticon here.

  3. @Buck Rogers


    Woah, definitely not happy about this. Checked late on Saturday evening, not up, around 18:00 EST. Went out with friends, woke up, missed it.

    I think I gotta call for a neutralization of this. I’ve been playing the VSP all year, had this marked on numerous calendars, tried to enter, never saw it, and now it’s closed. Argh…


    + 10,000,000 :-(

  4. @The Oracle

    Damn, Delgado‘d.  But by the looks of it, I wasn’t the only one…

    Ya, but to paraphrase Basil Fawlty, “Don’t mention the late VSP.  I did once but I think I got away with it”.

  5. @Buck Rogers

    I am borderline OCD on most of things in life and this is the one of them.  Probably just need to get on some meds or something.

    Could also be that I have now been in my Dad’s 300 sq ft RV with my wife and five kids for 22 straight days now.  Man, we need to get our house soon or we are all going to go crazy here at West Point!

    You might already be crazy but it’s a wonder living with a family of 7 in 300 sq ft didn’t make you crazier weeks ago. And good luck sorting your lodgings.

  6. @ChrisO


    That’s fair, considerate and reasonable… are you new to the internet ?

    I can see how it would look that way to the casual observer.

  7. @minion

    People care about this in the real world? Well eff me sideways with a supermodel.

    No. People caring about this (and then carrying on about it after Frank/Brett made their points) is proof we are in the Matrix.

    Take the red pill Minion

  8. Here’s the verdict.

    This does not get neutralized, suck it up. Bretto was off the front soloing away from the other Keepers by remembering this event was even happening. Consider this one a dropped chain on a decisive stage in the Tour and move on.

    On the other hand, it warms my heart that you care so much about an event that we invented for shits and giggles between the Keepers and the three or four readers we had when we kicked this off a few years ago.

    I appreciate that this is a competition and people want a fair shake and its not our intention to short-change anyone. Moving forward, as we have all year, we endeavor to give between 72 and 48 hours’ lead time, but will be skipping any events if we have less than 36 hour’s lead time. That gives anyone in any time zone a full day to catch on. Thanks for the suggestion, @Fausto.

    In exchange for this policy – until you start paying an entry fee, we will not be tolerating any snide comments from people who feel they are entitled to have an event go up, or complaining when an event is skipped.

  9. @Ron

    Just gotta say that I’m sure the Keepers put in far more work here, for free, than I can imagine. I do truly appreciate that. It’s awesome, I love sticking around here and seeing what happens.

    But, to just say Rule V this and get over it because it’s a game misses the point, for me. Yeah, the VSP is just a fucking game. But, isn’t this place just for fucking fun? And has a big-time “you get out what you put in factor”? Participating in the VSP, reading articles, helping others out with questions (though I’m generally the one getting helped), talking about rides, races, cycling, that’s what we’re here for. I consider taking an interest in and following the VSP part of being a contributing member.

    My call for a neutralization was kind of out of shock that I’d missed it when I woke up Sunday morning. Letting things stand is totally cool. BUT, I do want to point out that caring about taking part in the VSP is a piece in the larger puzzle of being a Follower, for me. I hope this doesn’t come off as a further whinge or complaint. It’s not. Just a clarification that the VSP is a part of this whole and if everyone just said fuggit, things would be less fun.

    Thanks, Keepers!

    What’s interesting is that The Keepers can only see this from the Keeper’s view. We built this whole place, and it still baffles us that anyone would care about any of it. Its very cool and we appreciate the passion – but we do overlook the fact that people care.

    Let me be perfectly clear: People caring about this is absolutely part of being a good community member and we appreciate it.

    And lets get real here for second, Ronnie boy. You having Ronned again this year just kind of completes the season – you’ve been much too even-keeled this year! Keep it up!

  10. Frank – I guess you are right. Any VSP I enter for the long haul is a VSP I should Delgado at least once so I can get Ronned up!* In my slight rage on Sunday morning I forgot to step back and see that this was merely part of a pattern. I appreciate your reminder.

    I overreacted, as it’s my nature. Just being passionate about the things that keep me ticking. No disrespect or harm meant, as I’d really be having less fun in many ways without the playground, those kicking sand around in it with me, and of course, those who keep refilling the sand pitch and lubing the chains of the squeaky swings.

    Thanks Frank & the Keepers Krew!

    Now, allow us to all get properly excited for the World Championships! I wonder if they’ll be a VSP for the TTT?

    *I wouldn’t actual refer to myself or my patented VSP move in the third person if my name here wasn’t actually my nickname in real life, which was bestowed upon me by my mates for being a bit nuts and completely flying off the handle over things, such as VSPs, that most folks wouldn’t think twice about.

  11. @The Oracle

    Damn, Delgado‘d.  But by the looks of it, I wasn’t the only one…

    I Delgadoed too, but wishing I hadn’t as I might have made up some points on you. A couple of good results for me and you’ll be heading for the liquor store!

  12. @wiscot

    @The Oracle

    Damn, Delgado‘d.  But by the looks of it, I wasn’t the only one…

    I Delgadoed too, but wishing I hadn’t as I might have made up some points on you. A couple of good results for me and you’ll be heading for the liquor store!

    I do that a few times a day anyway, buddy.

  13. Wow.. been buried with a project at work and just found out I completely Delgado’d the GPCDM. At least I can take solace in the fact that other than Gerrans I probably would not have picked any of these top 5…so I didn’t miss out on much. I’ll stay more focused for the upcoming events!

  14. @frank

    We may yet neutralize it, and we may not. Ater all, there were 40 some odd people who managed to get their picks in. We will let you know of our decision. In the mean time, settle the fuck down, and go ride your bike.

    Neutralize? Did they neutralize le Tour the year Delgado Delgado’d the prologue? Nope. It’s our own fault for missing it, myself included. Sure I was busy but I could have logged on and checked what was up (I actually meant to, just blew it)… also there is schedule on the VSP page that is always available to keep us all on point.

    And of course, if you do decide to neutralize it, that’s cool too. It’s your freaking site for crying out loud…

  15. @frank

    Here’s the verdict.

    This does not get neutralized, suck it up.

    Ok, so maybe I should read the entire string before I post, just got fired up. This is what I get for being gone for a few days. I’m officially all caught up now.

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