Velominati Super Prestige: Il Lombardia 2013

Where is my Compact? image: Italian Cycling Journal
Where is my compact? The Muro di Sormano  image: Italian Cycling Journal

Il Lombardia, this is the race of the fallen leaves. This fall classic is a beautiful race in a beautiful region of Italy. The arduous route may change year to year but what does not change is the Italian need to win this thing. There is some national pride at stake here after the Italian men finished off the podium in Firenze. Bergamo to Lecco, 242 km, with five equally spaced climbs between the two. This is the final Monument of the 2013 season, directly on the heels of the World Championships. Purito won the 2012 edition of Il Lombardia and will be energized to win again after his crushing loss in the Worlds. Paulo Bettini won the race in his rainbow jersey, Rui Costa can’t be counted out not to do the same.

Many racers have already shut it down for the season. Finding great form in October is not for everyone. Yet peaking for the World Championships and Il Lombardia has been on the calendar for many of the puncheurs and strong climbers. And many others will be climbing off at the first feed zone, pulling into the Milano Malpensa airport before the race is over.

Yes this is a brutal race often won by a lone rider. Climbing, descending, good bike handling a must when the forecast calls for possible rain (yes it does again this year).

The toughest climb is in the middle of the day.

A few hundred meters after crossing Maglio the race turns to the left into the Muro di Sormano (Sormano Wall) (2 km at 15%) on a narrow and very steep (recently repaired) road, partly running through a grove, featuring steep u-bends and gradients at time exceeding 25% and even coming close to 30% around meter 1.000 of the route.

That should separate the contenders from those dismounting at the second feed zone on the course. The climbs of  Madonna del Ghisallo and Villa Vergano are waiting then a final 3 km flat run into Lecco ends it. A proper start list is not yet available as the director sportifs are still calling in the unwilling domestiques  to fill out their rosters but for now this will have to do. Good luck and good picking.

Here is a possible video link.



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171 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Il Lombardia 2013”

  1. I’m picking a showdown between the 2 strongest riders from Florence. Costa will still be hungover.


    1. Nibali
    2. Purito Rodriguez
    3. Ulissi
    4. Visconti
    5. Santaromita


    1. Joaquím Rodríguez Oliver
    2. Alejandro Valverde Belmonte
    3. Rigoberto Uran
    4. Alberto Contador Velasco
    5. Damiano Cunego

  3. All Italian selection for me.


    1. Ivan Santaromita
    2. Rui Costa
    3. Giampaolo Caruso
    4. Ivan Basso
    5. Vincenzo Nibali

  4. Not sure of order yet but this will do for a start!


    1. J-Rod
    2. Nibbles
    3. Valverde
    4. Gilbert
    5. Sagan

  5. This is gonna be good!! Complete with exclusive back-story pics from @Pedale.Forchetta


    1. Rodriguez
    2. Nibali
    3. Costa
    4. Gilbert
    5. Valverde

  6. Italian grudge match


    1. Nibali
    2. Rodriguez
    3. Scarponi
    4. Sagan
    5. Pozzovivo


    1. Vincenzo Nibali
    2. Joaquim Rodriguez
    3. Nicolas Roche
    4. Nairo Quintana
    5. Rigoberto Uran Uran

  8. 5 men who would be quite motivated after last week I would think.


    1. His Nibs
    2. J-Rod
    3. Hungry Like the Wolf
    4. Faboo
    5. Sags


    1. Vincenzo Nibali
    2. Jan Bakelants
    3. Juaquim Rodriguez
    4. Rigoberto Uran
    5. Damiano Cunego

  10. VSP PICKS:

    1. Vincenzo Nibali
    2. Joaquin Rodriguez
    3. Bauke Mollema
    4. Carlos Betancur
    5. Dan Martin

  11. VSP PICKS:

    1. Greg Van Avermaet
    2. Vincenzo Nibali
    3. Sylvain Chavanel
    4. Jan Bakelants
    5. Bauke Mollema

  12. VSP PICKS:

    1. Juaquim Rodriguez
    2. Vincenzo Nibali
    3. Simon Clarke
    4. Warren Barguil
    5. Rigoberto Uran

  13. IPA has increased my clarity of mind so I must change my picks slightly.


    1. Nibali, V
    2. Rodriguez, J
    3. Sagan, P
    4. Costa, R
    5. Ulissi, D

  14. I think Nibbles wants another win bad


    1. Nibbles
    2. Visconti
    3. Mollema
    4. Sagan
    5. Cunego

  15. VSP PICKS:

    1. Robert Gesink
    2. Simon Clarke
    3. Rigaberto Uran
    4. Nairo Quintana
    5. Dan Martin

  16. VSP PICKS:

    1. Vincenzo Nibali
    2. Rigoberto Uran
    3. Carlos Bettancur
    4. Joaquin Rodriguez
    5. Rui Costa

  17. VSP PICKS:

    1. Vincenzo Nibali
    2. Rigoberto Uran
    3. Carlos Betancur
    4. Joaquin Rodriguez
    5. Rui Costa

  18. VSP PICKS:

    1. Joaquim Rodriguez
    2. Nibali
    3. Peter Sagan
    4. Gilbert
    5. Gesink

  19. Here goes nothing, as usual…


    1. Nibbles
    2. J-Rod
    3. Betancur
    4. Sagan
    5. Voeckler

  20. Step climb and a descent to the line, this should have Costa written all over it….Having said that, I read someone already mention he’ll still be hungover and I think you might be right. Plus J-Rod will be super motivated and not have Piti-ful to “help” him on the final ramp and descent.


    1. Joaquim Rodrigez
    2. Riggaberto Uran
    3. Vencenzo Nibali
    4. Rui Costa
    5. Nairo Qunitana

  21. What do you think the over/under would be for people actually finishing this race?


    1. Nibbles
    2. Martin
    3. Rodriguez
    4. Uran
    5. Scarponi

  22. VSP PICKS:

    1. Rigoberto Uran
    2. Sagan
    3. Gilbert
    4. Joaquím Rodríguez
    5. Kwiatkowski

  23. I think I’m going to have to pick the Colombian rider every for every VSP from now on… how can’t you with a name like his.  Hopefully Lampre didn’t pick him for his name alone.  I think that the top 5 will be one of these, haven’t decided on the exact order, though.


    1. Contador
    2. Nibali
    3. Martin
    4. Gilbert
    5. Winner Anacona

  24. Really curious how Martin and Roche are going to fare on Sunday especially if it pours. Not curious enough to change my picks though.

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