Velominati Super Prestige: La Fléche Wallone Féminine 2013

photo: Bettini
photo: Bettini

Last year we saw Evelyn Stevens out-last Marianne Vos at the top of the Mur de Huy. The take home message is don’t start one’s charge too early. Vos should know this finish, having won it four times already. It’s hard to know who is on form in the professional women field as the races are too far apart to infer much from the last race. This is their whole Ardennes campaign; one race, no holds barred, save nothing. Who is a badass? Is Marianne tuned up?  Is she still hungry enough? Are there some more young guns looking to make a name for themselves? Ponder all this carefully. The race is Wednesday. PROFIL To contest one has to first be there in the top ten at the bottom of the Huy. A good team is required to chase down the troublesome breaks and help shape the final kilometers. To win one has to have the best power to weight ratio and the sense to use it at exactly the right time. Experience with this race shows. People who have botched the finish have returned to win. Timing is almost everything, superlative power climbing ability is the rest. The start list is here.

[vsp_results id=”23097″/]

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139 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: La Fléche Wallone Féminine 2013”


    1. Marianne Vos
    2. Emma Johanssen
    3. Ellen van Dijk
    4. Elisa Longo Borghini
    5. Loes Gunnewijk

  2. From Twitter, Stevens is not defending tomorrow.Amista


    1. Borghani
    2. Amistead
    3. Vos
    4. Johansson
    5. McGrath

  3. How the fuck is Vos only 25 YEARS OLD?


    1. Vos
    2. Johansson
    3. Van Dijk
    4. Borghini
    5. Annemiek Van Vleuten

  4. My anti-Vos campaign continues. I will pay later.


    1. Johansson
    2. Vos
    3. Van Dijk
    4. Collins
    5. Borghini

  5. And the results are in…

    1. Vos

    2. Longo Borghini

    3. Moolman

    4. Van Der Breggen

    5. Johansson

  6. Cycling news has:

    1 Marianne Vos
    2 Elisa Longo Borghini
    3 Ashleigh Moolman
    4 Anna Van Der Breggen
    5 Emma Johansson

    A few points there for me but why didn’t I go with Borghini, she was my first thought for second?

  7. Picked the winner but the only one I can see that dropped Johansson in to fith was @Seemunkee…

  8. OMG..(in the teenaged girlish voice too)

    I had thought of both Van Der Breggen and Moolman when I threw in Amistead and McGrath

  9. Meh, had everyone in the wrong order. Except for Vos of course – never tip against the V

    Nice seeing Carlee Taylor in 14th. She owns Strava for all the hills that matter around Adelaide, and I feel better getting chicked by her when she gets results like that in steep races. 

  10. @Deakus

    Picked the winner but the only one I can see that dropped Johansson in to fith was @Seemunkee…

    And I almost put Armitstead in place of her.

  11. @Gianni


    What’s this all about?

  12. @Gianni


    Don’t reckon I’ve been robbed — @seemunkee and others had (1) vos and (2) boghini + a third which I reckon beats my point total.  So don’t knock yourself out trying to be @frank, mucking about in the data.

  13. Does this look changed for Nate? Seemunkee, I think you are in the clear. Let the munkee dancing begin.

    [vsp_results id=”23097″]

  14. Pretty sad state of affairs I get more points randomly picking the tastiest looking burdz on a bike than applying actual knowledge or thought like I tried with the blokes on bikes.

  15. @Gianni THis is as I expected.  Was this whole thing triggered by my mentioning a dispute over in the Men’s Fleche thread?

  16. @Bianchi Denti

    I’ll probably regret this, but Vos is talking like a team player,not a ruthless winner. So she is out, and P-F-P is in.


    1. Emma Johansson
    2. Pauline Ferrand Prevot
    3. Lisa Brennauer
    4. Elia Longho Borghini
    5. Anna Van Der Breggen

    I so regret overthinking this shit! Turns out Vos is a cannibal after all.

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