Velominati Super Prestige: Liége-Bastogne-Liége 2014

Roche and Criquielion
Roche and Criquielion battle at L-B-L

The 100th running of Liége-Bastogne-Liége takes place this Sunday. Danny-boy Martin will be marked heavily as the defending champion. Malmerde, and Phil Gil have shown they are peaking too. Froomy has thrown his hat into the ring, as he did last year but after last years 26th place, maybe it’s training. 263 kms, past winners include a long list of known dopers, again, the pot belge mix paid off to keep riders cranking through those last climbs. Cancellara talked of slimming down more in to add this Monument to his palmarés but this might be the farthest from his grasp. This is a very tough race course. You need to be a fondisti, someone with staying power, a Phil Gil or a fully doped Moreno Argentin to finish this race off successfully. Last year Red Ryder went ballistic, blew up the field and opened a way for his teammate, Danny-boy. Let’s hope for some equally exciting fireworks this Sunday.

Here is an imperfect startlist.

The points from the LBL VSP count towards the overall prizes. So check the start list, review the VSP Scoring Guidelines and get your picks in by the time the countdown clock goes to zero at 00:00 hours PDT on Sunday the 27th. If you think we mapped one of your picks wrong, use the dispute system and we’ll review it. Also remember to be precise enough in your description so we know which rider you mean; in other words, if you enter “Martin”, we will use our discretion (read: wild guess) to decide if you mean Tony or Dan – and that choice will not be negotiable once the the countdown clock goes to zero, so be sure to give yourself enough time.

Don’t forget we’ve got three major prizes for the season-long VSP:

First place overall wins a Veloforma Strada iR Velominati Edition frame in addition to the customary VSP winner’s VVorkshop Apron

Second place overall wins a set of hand built CR Wheelworks Arenberg wheelset in a custom Velominati paint scheme laced to orange Chris King hubs. (CR Wheelworks is Café Roubaix’s new wheel goods brand.)

Third place is you’re fired or overall wins a full Velominati V-Kit with accompanying custom orange Bont Vaypor+ road shoes.

All Hail Cosmo!


[vsp_results id=”29669″/]

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328 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Liége-Bastogne-Liége 2014”


    1. Alejandro Valverde
    2. Michal Kwiatkowski
    3. Philippe Gilbert
    4. Dan Martin
    5. Bauke Mollema

  2. This is obvious.


    1. Gilbert
    2. Martin
    3. Valverde
    4. Kwiatkowski
    5. Francis de Greef

  3. Yikes…almost forgot to get my picks in.

    Vroom Vroom Froome!


    1. Froome
    2. Dan Martin
    3. Valverde
    4. Kriatkowski
    5. Gilbert


    1. Gilbert
    2. Dan Martin
    3. Kwiatikowski
    4. Valverde
    5. Mollema

  5. Because I’m too tired to put any thought into it…


    1. Martin, Dan
    2. Rodriguez, Joaquim
    3. Costa, Rui
    4. Kwiatkowski, Michal
    5. Gilbert, Philippe

  6. No Rhine nor Riesling, just is.


    1. Valverde, Alej
    2. Martin, Dan
    3. Vandendert, Jelle
    4. Mollema, Bauke
    5. Rodriquez, Joaquim


    1. Phil gilbert
    2. Valverde
    3. Dan Martin
    4. Gerrans
    5. Kreuziger

  8. Here I go thinking anyways…


    1. Martin, Dan
    2. Kwiatkowski, Michal
    3. Valverde, Alejandro
    4. Gilbert, Philippe
    5. Slagter, Tom Jelte


    1. Michal Kwiatkowski
    2. Alejandro Valverde
    3. Philippe Gilbert
    4. Vincenzo Nibali
    5. Simon Gerrans

  10. VSP PICKS:

    1. Gilbert
    2. Martin, Dan
    3. Kwiatkowski
    4. Valverde
    5. Moreno

  11. VSP PICKS:

    1. V Nibali
    2. P Gilbert
    3. D Martin
    4. M Kwiatkowski
    5. A Valverde

  12. Shots in the dark…


    1. Alejandro Valverde
    2. Daniel Martin
    3. Michal Kwiatkowski
    4. Philippe Gilbert
    5. Bauke Mollema

  13. I know My fav Dan is going to be marked but, I have a fealing this race is going to be  his for the next 7  years. He is going to win at least 4 of these damn things, GO Danny GO! and thank you Dan for not getting f-ing braces.


    1. D. Martin
    2. M. Kwiatkowski
    3. P. Gilbert
    4. B. Mollema
    5. A. Valverde

  14. Here is to some crazy fireworks!


    1. Kwiatkowski
    2. Mollema
    3. Valverde
    4. PhilGil
    5. JRod

  15. I put Malmerde in for the top a while back and it felt dirty. Danny will not repeat but I wish he would. Phil Gil, why not. Another 2 points please.


    1. Gilbert P
    2. kolobnev a
    3. nibali
    4. martin dan
    5. costa rui

  16. VSP PICKS:

    1. Nibali
    2. Kwaiatkowski
    3. Gerro
    4. Mollema
    5. D. Martin

  17. VSP PICKS:

    1. Gilbert
    2. Malmerde
    3. Kwiatkowski
    4. Dan Martin
    5. Mollema

  18. Can I replace Froome with Simon Gerrans? The race hasn’t started yet!

  19. And Betancur also DNS… those two might leave a few holes in VSP selection and fantasy teams.

    Interesting that Froome didn’t start. I’d have thought this was an important marker for him to get some racing miles back in his legs before Romandie.

  20. Melbourne mornings now touching 6′ C, nothing compared to 34 years ago….or one year ago – guest article

    Bernard Hinault permanently losing the feeling in 2 fingers, 1980 Liege-Bastogne-Liege

  21. The break (Pirimin Lang (IAM Cycling), Michel Koch (Cannondale), Jacobus Venter (MTN-Whubeka), Matteo Bono (Lampre), Pieter Jakobs (Topsport Vlaanderen) and Marco Minnaard (Wanty Groupe Gobert)) has 12min at 120km to go, from Cookson’s car

    Embedded image permalink

  22. @ChrisO story is some kind of virus went through the team, Kennaugh & another rider also pulled out so they’ve only toed the line with 6 riders.

  23. Eurosport 1 shows some Motorbike stuff and Eurosport Tour of Turkey. WTF?

  24. Someone just suggested Andy Schleck was at risk of losing contact with the peloton already.  I’m shocked.

  25. @Rhodri

    Kwiatkowski has gone off the front with Tony Martin? Now?

    They’ve been called back. They got ballsy when the team manager was being interviewed. Ha

  26. J-Rod at the back of the bunch and shaking his head. Doesn’t look like his day.

  27. Costa not looking happy after a four-man stack, wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t get back on for long.

  28. @Steampunk


    …and””POOF!””there goes my VSP…

    Yah, bad business all round, though given that Porte is barely hanging on, I feel much better about having been the reason someone took him out of their selection!

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