Velominati Super Prestige: Mens World Road Race Championships 2015

The last time the US hosted a World Championship, it was for the Cyclocross and it was totally badass. But potholes are part of the fun in CX; we’ll have to see how a speeding peloton deals with them.

My Pedalwan Nephew will be roadside watching this weekend in Richmond, and I have to say I hate him a little bit for having that opportunity at such a young age; he better be wearing Velominati gear or I’m disowning him. I also now realize in a face-palm moment that I should have sent him the V-Flag. What day is it? Can I still overnight it? Is that even worth it?

Ok. Back on message. I really hope the police don’t shoot any of the riders, or arrest the peloton for speeding. Assuming that doesn’t happen, I suggest you meditate on the start list, pull a few aces out of your sleeve, and lay down your picks. Good luck!
[vsp_results id=”33790″/]

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202 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Mens World Road Race Championships 2015”

  1. Those are, of course, out of order on the final lap.

    1st = Stybar photo

    2nd = Sagan photo

    3rd = Boonen photo

    4th = Phinney (I think)

    5th = Farrar (I think he was behind Phinney)

  2. @Ron

    Thanks for posting. I can’t imagine the thrill of seeing so many big names giving it full gas in a race that really matters. I’m also thrilled to see Phinney showing a strong return to form. Hopefully next year he’ll be back after¬† an accident that could easily have ended his career.

    One more thing on the issue of inflation. Of course bikes cost more these days (besides computers and TVs, what doesn’t?), but relatively speaking, I think the quality and value have gone up exponentially.

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