Velominati Super Prestige: Paris-Roubaix 2015

No one can be happy about Sunday’s weather forecast (except for 95% of the riders and support staff). I am not. Now every Norwegian non-cobble riding specialists has a chance of winning this. I was hoping for day that would separate the Rule #9 riders from everybody else. Bah!

We can take some comfort in knowing our Keepers Tour brothers will be at three different cobbled secteurs, hydrating and yelling with the the locals. Keep an eye out for the V-flag.

There is not much to say about Paris-Roubaix that has not been said. It is the race of the season.

Consult your god. Go with your heart or your head on this. Enter your choices, prepare your frites deep-fryer, the beer selection, assure your family that drinking and swearing on a Sunday morning is part of your religion.

The VSP page has the details and in case anyone forgot, the end of the season could get you here:

  • First place– A custom Jaegher frame, handbuilt in Belgium.
  • Second Place– A Café Roubaix/Velominati wheelset, Chris King hubs, hand built by professional wheelsmith and Velominati Dan Richter.
  • Third Place– A Velominati kit: jersey, bibs, and cap.



[vsp_results id=”32609″/]

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266 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Paris-Roubaix 2015”

  1. I have learned my lesson and picked with my head instead of heart this time. I apologize to all the Kristoff fans. With me picking him he will surely falter.


    1. Kristoff
    2. Degenkalb
    3. Stybar
    4. VanMarke
    5. Terpstra
  2. Alex Kristoff just can’t keep dusting ’em… can he ?? I’d pick Mr. Boom despite the gawdawful baby blue kit if were muddy and wet and I just really dig the cat after last year’s stage 5 and wanna see him do well. Despite the friggen ugly kit. Herr Greipel gets the nod over Herr Degenkolb for no good reason other than I’m thinking will be dry, dusty and warm yes?? And no Belgian probably a mistake as thinking Van Avermaet just has to be in the mix. Oh well. Good luck all…


    1. GREIPEL Andre
    2. STYBAR Zdenek
    3. BOOM Lars
    4. SAGAN Peter
    5. TERPSTRA Niki
  3. I want to pick Wiggins, but there are just so many things that can go wrong.  Plus, I need points…


    1. Kristoff
    2. Van Avermaet
    3. Vanmarcke
    4. Terpstra
    5. Stybar

    1. Alexander Kristoff
    2. Zdenek Stybar
    3. Niki Terpstra
    4. John Degenkolb
    5. Greg Van Avermaet
  5. @Bianchi Denti

    BTW has anyone picked up that the lead photo shows the Keepers’ Tour hot on the heels of the real Lotto Jumbo team on a short tarmac sections between secteurs? That shit actually happened on our Thursday Roubaix ride. Keepers’ Tour rocks!

    Fantastic.  How was that?  How did VanMarcke look?  Did they drop you like stones once they hit the bumps?

    Very envious.


    1. Boom
    2. Terpstra
    3. Kristoff
    4. Degenkolb
    5. VanMarcke
  6. Mr. Paris-Roubaix himself just tweeted his podium: Kristoff, Terpstra, Thomas. My heart tells me to stick with my picks, by my mind knows not to foresake such sage advice. Changes made.


    1. Kristoff
    2. Terpstra
    3. Thomas
    4. Stybar
    5. Morkov
  7. I can never pick Degenkolb because I am pretty sure that he wears guy liner when not on the bike. I have a strict anti-guy liner policy.

  8. OMG. Change Number One. My heart (Wiggins) and my instinct (Boom) disagree, fortunately my brain (Kristoff), and the odds makers (Kristoff) agree. Unfortunately, there are no less than 10 riders that could win this race and Lady Luck has the final word. Nonetheless, the weather tomorrow is supposed to be near perfect, and it’s unlikely that the peloton or a break can drop Kristoff. Gotta go with the Norwegian.


    1. Alexander Kristoff
    2. Niki Terpstra
    3. Zdenek Stybar
    4. John Degenkolb
    5. Lars Boom
  9. Head says the new Norwegian king of the classics, but some other body part is telling me to go a different direction. Something about the prep Sky has done makes me feel like Ol’ Beaks has a shot to ride off into the sunset with one of the greatest cycling stories ever told. I’m going with him and the CX boys on the podium…but I don’t feel all that great about it.

    Regardless of who wins it’s going to be an epic day of racing. Our Superbowl of cycling is upon us! Hup Hup Bitches!! (Thanks @freebirdvelo)


    1. Beaker
    2. Steebar
    3. Boom Boom Boom Boom
    4. Al Kristoff
    5. The Broom Sagan
  10. @AJ

    I can never pick Degenkolb because I am pretty sure that he wears guy liner when not on the bike. I have a strict anti-guy liner policy.

    I’m afraid to ask…guy liner?

  11. No sign of Wiggo or G in these results. Wiggins in a ditch holding his elbow. Vandenbergh solos in, Greipel wins a group sprint. Or not. A man can dream.


    1. Vandenbergh stijn
    2. greipel
    3. Kristoff
    4. Bauer Jack
    5. Wallays
  12. VSP PICKS:

    1. WIGGINS Bradley
    2. TERPSTRA Niki
    3. KRISTOFF Alexander
    4. DEGENKOLB John
    5. THOMAS Geraint
  13. @Gianni, I’m imagining that your in the Gite quaffing espresso, you’ve just put in your picks after a rowdy hungover round table debate. Now it’s off to Arenberg to fuel up for the wizz bang going by in a few hours!

    Can’t wait myself, this race is the one.

    Have fun and more images soon…


    1. Terpstra
    2. Thomas
    3. Sagan
    4. Démare
    5. Boom
  14. surely  sagan has to win a monument at some stage

    (i didnt mean to call you surely)


    1. sagan
    2. boom
    3. van marke
    4. vandenberg
    5. van avermaert
  15. Tweaks.  Sagan looks good in photos from yesterday.


    1. Sagan
    2. Terpstra
    3. Kristoff
    4. Boom
    5. GVA
  16. Haussler through the Arenberg  The one time I don’t pick him of course.  IAM taking both the break and peloton through – something going on there.

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