Velominati Super Prestige: Women’s Olympic Road Race 2016

In contrast to the Men’s race in 2012, the Women’s event was epic; torrential rains, an elite breakaway, a nail-biting sprint finish, and a finish line interview with Lizzie Armitstead that changed the face of Women’s road racing for ever.

Marianne Vos crushed fools that day, with four of those fools coming along on the erand. Through epic Rule #9 conditions, the break held off the chasing bunch, leaving it to a two-up sprint between her and Armistead. Fast forward four years, and Lizzie is at the top of the sport with Vos coming back from injury. But the course suits them both, and Vos has starting winning a bit again. It could be a repeat, or an underdog goes clear. Either way, the racing is sure to be phenomenal. Buckle your seatbelts, people.

Check the start list, maybe check the 10 Riders to Watch list, and get your picks in by the time the clock goes to zero, and good luck.

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106 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Women’s Olympic Road Race 2016”

  1. I tend to agree @ChrisO, the art of descending at this level is knowing your parameters and knowing the consequences of exceeding them. A lot of the criticism seems to have been levelled at the edges of the road (the tarmac just stops and then there’s a drop) and what a rider falls on to if they do come off. Certainly that kerbing looked high, but a road edge is a road edge, if you hit a kerb, a verge or a ride into trench at 60, 70, 80 kph you’ll crash and burn. That crash netting was noticeable as well, you don’t see that in many races, hence the legendary stories of riders surviving falls into Alpine ravines etc. Having said all that there were a lot of falls, for which we can partly blame rider error, but there do seem to have been a lot of fairly serious injuries – Porte, Nibali, and Van Vleuten prime amongst them, so maybe there are lessons to be learned. Certainly Chris Boardman and Mick Bennett seem to think so.

    Glad to read that AVV is on the mend, albeit still in intensive care. My first thoughts were a lot worse than the spinal fractures and severe concussion that she has suffered.

  2. @ChrisO



    Oh my god, that was a nasty crash! Fingers crossed for the poor lady :(

    I wonder if this course transgressed the line in unnecessary risk for the riders.

    I’m no expert but I would say so. So many skilled riders, including renowned descenders, hitting the deck. It doesn’t seem right to me that a race should be so dominated by such a specific ability while exposing so many to such danger.

    Except in both cases less noted descenders were OK. It punished those who pushed the boundaries not those who stayed within them.

    And ironically had Nibali/Henaio and Van Vleuten eased back a bit on the descent they would all be wearing medals now.

    Totally agree. There wasn’t much margin for error on the descent, but all these riders know that you only win races if you stay rubber side up. And it wasn’t like whole big groups of riders were crashing off; it was ones and twos who were really pushing it. Mind you, I don’t know the circumstances of GT’s crash – he’s normally a very reliable descender.

    Also, was it just me or did it start to rain a little on the descents in both the men’s and woman’s race? Can’t have helped.

    Glad to hear AVV is ok – I thought the worst when I saw the crash and that she didn’t move afterwards. Interesting she locked the front wheel up – don’t see that often.


  3. @RobSandy

    I thought she locked up the rear, over corrected the slide and then high sided as the tyre grabbed again?

  4. @piwakawaka

    Having reached the outer limits of Rule #64 in a pretty similar manner (luckily only doing in a collar bone in the process), I’m guessing she’s grabbed two handfuls of brake when she noticed the corner was much tighter than expected, locking & skidding the rear first before the front locked throwing her in to a high-side.

  5. Does anyone have a link to a rebroadcast? I’d like to watch those final 25 k again. Thanks!

  6. Update: Van Vleuten (who crashed horribly) won yesterday’s prologue of the Ronde van België. She’s back!

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