Velominati Super Prestige: Women’s Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

We kick off the first races of the 2012 VSP with a double-header as we open the picks for the VVomen’s Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. Aside from an early hiccup, the new software has been running as expected, though I should have known better than to declare something as “tested”; as the first few picks went in sideways, there was more confusion and hysterics than in a kiddie pool when an unaccounted-for deuce floats by.

The VVomen’s racing calendar appears to be a bit more open than the Men’s, and that likely means we’ll see more of the same names competing for the win on Saturday as we will at de Ronde in a month’s time. A cursory glance over the start list reveals that my sure-bet countrywoman Marianne Vos is still chilling the guns after a wicked ‘Cross season and won’t be racing. Back to the drawing board, then. Here’s a super secret tip: in Dutch and Flemish, “women” is spelled with a “V” – vrouwen. Let that be your guide.

With that we continue the 2012 VSP; up for grabs is the personalized Velominati Shop Apron to the contestent who wins the season-long competition. Check the Main VSP page for scoring guidelines and rules. Picks close at 5am Pacific on Saturday, so watch the countdown clock to make sure you get your picks in on time.

Good luck.

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156 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Women’s Omloop Het Nieuwsblad”

  1. Cyclops gets 11 points? Calling this from Twin Falls, Idaho? What the hell is going on here. Cy, do you actually do some research or are you supremely lucky? I’m betting research, shit, I should have tried that. Going by who has the coolest, fastest names is not working.

  2. @all
    Make sure you check your pick mappings to ensure (a) that they were mapped correctly, and (b) that you got your correct points. If there’s a problem, just hit the little “dispute” like next to the incorrectly mapped/scored pick. Your assistance will help us improve the model and auto-mapping system, which dramatically reduces our workload on the backend.


  3. @MJMoquin

    1. Tom Boonen
    2. Phillippe Gilbert
    3. Juan Antonio Flecha
    4. Alex Rasmussen
    5. Lars Boom

    I can’t freakin’ believe I screwed that up!!!

    I blame it on the lack of java and beer.

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