Velominati Super Prestige: Women’s Omloop Het Volk (Nieuwsblad) 2015

I don’t know what it is about Belgian Race organizers, but I love those guys. Routes? The longer the better, please. The climbs? The steeper the better please, and as many as possible (which is very many). Cobbles? As many as possible, please. Cobbled climbs? The steeper, the longer the better. And as many of possible.

Oh, and lets do all that while its still winter, so we can be sure the weather sucks.

Not only that, but they’ve been staging women’s editions of these events for ever. Het Volk is on it’s ninth edition of the Women’s race. Women’s Ronde has done 11 editions, and La Fleche has done 17. That’s a lot more than the number of Women’s Paris-Roubaix’s, which has zero.

The VSP won’t start officially until Milano Sanremo, but we can’t resist doing an unofficial event for mock points and the chance to win a V-Mussette, handmade by Gianni himself. Points don’t go towards the 2015 VSP, but they do go towards bragging rights and may serve as a bit of foreshadowing on who to look out for this year.

Meditate on the start list, get your picks in by the time the countdown timer goes to zero (5am Pacific) and pray for some rain.

Good luck, let the season begin!

[vsp_results id=”32393″/]

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40 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Women’s Omloop Het Volk (Nieuwsblad) 2015”


    1. Emma Johansson
    2. Giorgia Bronzini
    3. Amy Pieters
    4. Silvia Valsecchi
    5. Maria Giulia Confalonieri


    1. Elizabeth Armitstead
    2. Tiffany Cromwell
    3. Annemiek Van Vleuten
    4. Amy Pieters
    5. Chloe Hosking


    1. Lizzie armitstead
    2. Ellen van dijk
    3. Anna van der breggen
    4. ELISA longo borghini
    5. Tiffany cromwell


    1. Anisha Vekemans
    2. Anna Van Der Breggen
    3. Ellen Van Dijk
    4. Emma Johansson
    5. Annemiek Van Vleuten


    1. Emma Johansson
    2. Lucinda Brand
    3. Amy Pieters
    4. Chloe Hosking
    5. Tayler Wiles


    1. Emma Johansson
    2. Elisabeth Armitstead
    3. Elisa Longo Borghini
    4. Ellen Van Dijk
    5. Anna Van Der Breggen


    1. Emma Johansson
    2. Lizzie Armitstead
    3. Tiffany Cromwell
    4. Giorgia Bronzini
    5. Annemiek van Vleuten

  8. @sthilzy


    1. Anna Van Der Breggen
    2. Ellen Van Dijk
    3. Lisa Brennauer

    pressed enter on third entry and posted picks unfinished. see how this goes…


    1. Anna Van Der Breggen
    2. Ellen Van Dijk
    3. Lisa Brennauer
    4. Amy Pieters
    5. Iris Slappendel


    1. Lizzie Armistead
    2. Anna Van Der Braggen
    3. Tiffany Cromwell
    4. Ellen Van Dijk
    5. Lisa Brennauer

  10. Yet again the VSP sneaks up on me. Fun to do on a phone while boarding an aircraft.


    1. BronzinI
    2. Birthing
    3. e johansson
    4. van dijk
    5. armistead

  11. VSP PICKS:

    1. Lizzie Armitstead
    2. Amy Pieters
    3. Jolien D’hoore
    4. Anisha Vekemans
    5. Chantal Blaak

  12. The site works properly with ios, great work guys


    1. Johannson
    2. Cromwell
    3. Armisted
    4. Van Dijk
    5. Bronzini

  13. Ok I’m logged in as Roobar and my name just came up as Carlo Steinke, spoke too soon?

  14. this is SO GOOD.


    1. Lizzie Armisted
    2. Emma Johansson
    3. Tiff Cromwell
    4. Van Vleuten
    5. Van der Bruggen

  15. Shit i preemptively hit enter….


    1. Lizzie Armistead
    2. Ellen van dijk
    3. Emma Joansson
    4. Tiffany Cromwell
    5. Chantal Blaak

  16. VSP PICKS:

    1. Lizzie Armistead
    2. Ellen van dijk
    3. Emma Johansson
    4. Tiffany Cromwell
    5. Chantal Blaak

  17. VSP PICKS:

    1. Tiffany Cromwell
    2. nna Van Der Breggen
    3. Elisabeth Armitstead
    4. Emma Johansson
    5. Giorgia Bronzini

  18. VSP PICKS:

    1. Armistead
    2. Johannson
    3. Van Vleuten
    4. Hosking
    5. Pieters

  19. VSP PICKS:

    1. Armistead
    2. Bronzini
    3. Emma Johansson
    4. Longo Borghini
    5. Lucy Garner

  20. @Kevin

    Missed the deadline by 2 mins? FFS!

    Armistead, Lizzie

    Johansson, Emma

    Stevens, Evelyn

    Van Der Breggen, Anna

    Cromwell, Tiffany

  21. Newcomer @TheDon takes a solid win! Very happy to see Lizzy up there on the podium, off to another good start!

    [vsp_results id=”32393″/]

  22. @Alex

    Yay, points – I wish we could have seen the race too!

    I’ve been watching the “highlights” reel of the Women’s Cup races this year. 20 minutes is pretty decent, good editing, some interesting interviews in between. Makes it so much deeper than just a results list…

  23. @frank I was in the VSP last year. So relative newcomer might be a better description. Sadly this is probably where I peak. Would be happy if you want to wind up the VSP 2015 early…just saying

  24. @frank

    Frank it’s Paterberg not Taaienberg. They should block that gootje for each race. Still good photo though.

  25. @TommyTubolare, @brett

    Looked to me like the top of the Taaienberg because of the building at the top on the false flat and I  don’t remember a gutter on the Paterberg. But when it comes to gutters I’ll take @brett‘s word on it any day. My mistake.

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