Velominati Super Prestige: Ronde Van Vlaanderen 2015

As far as the Keepers are concerned (and those already arrived for KT15) the real race action on the cobbles and for the 2015 VSP starts right here in Flanders with the Easter Sunday edition of de Ronde van Vlaanderen.

And not only does the kassien bring out the big guns looking to pick up a Monument, it brings out the real big guns as far as the VSP Grand Prize goes too. We are proud and more than a little bit excited to announce Jaegher as the major sponsor of this year’s competition. Yes, the winner of the overall pointscore will receive a custom made and painted Interceptor frame in Columbus Spirit steel, just like the one that I am riding and loving right now… check it out here, it’s an amazing frame and one that you will treasure forever.

So now your picks count more than ever, study the start list, think which of the cobble specialists or maybe a wild card will win in Oudenaarde, and most importantly don’t Delgado.

[vsp_results id=”32595″/]

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222 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Ronde Van Vlaanderen 2015”

  1. I think I got lucky 13.  I’m more than a little surprised. Disappointed for Thomas.

  2. Nice to finally be rewarded for my faith in Kristoff this season.

  3. DANG switched out Terpstra for Stybar – got 2 out of the top 5 at least

  4. I need to stop picking with my head instead of the heart.

    Kristoff is just so strong though. Felt bad for Terpstra. Had to see that ending coming as he sat on his wheel for the last kilometer.

  5. I missed Vanmarcke losing contact with the lead group (I watched him trying and failing to get back on). Anyone know what happened?

  6. @il muro di manayunk

    Nice to finally be rewarded for my faith in Kristoff this season.

    Good pick. Easy pick. Weather forecast was perfect and the sprinters were likely to be there at the end. By my guestimate, you and I moved up almost 45 positions in the peloton (insert smiley face here). I wonder now who’s the odds-on favorite now for Paris-Roubaix?

  7. Aaaaaaaaaand here are the standings. We’ve been drinking and having a fucking fantastic time – no time for ranking the VSP! We got some great shots of the men and women alike and we’ll get those shots up soon.

    Amazed that Kristof won, and after Terpstra rode like a Gerrans I’m so glad he sat up for the sprint like a respectable wheelsucker.

    [vsp_results id=”32595″/]

  8. Rob, zero points? Jesus man, even I scored two points after picking VDB for the win. I am insane. Kristoff said he would win like Boonen had, just follow the best and beat them in the sprint. Not that I’ve seen any of the race yet. Balls.

  9. I was not happy picking the favorites so I went with B string guys…. That will teach me!
    Hey weren’t you watching the race live?? Or were you too drunk to see??

  10. @Rob

    I was not happy picking the favorites so I went with B string guys…. That will teach me!
    Hey weren’t you watching the race live?? Or were you too drunk to see??

    I think I may have caught a glimpse of the V flag.  Were you at the top of the Oude Kwaremont?  The camera panned away just before the flag opened but definitely a black flag with white text and a glimpse of orange.

  11. Great set of photos, Frank! Thanks for sharing. To me, the races are still some mythical event that happens only on my computer monitor. To see them in person seems like a fantasy. One day, one day!

  12. Jeez, just checking the full results. Most of the MTN guys didn’t even finish, including Goss and Ciolek. Not what you want from a team built for Classics and one-days.

  13. Spent the weekend out there, rode the business end of the parcours on Saturday in nice Flemish weather, then watched the race in Oudenaarde, on the Eikenberg, and in a field with a big screen and beer tent on the route just outside Ronse. It was my first time and I absolutely loved every minute of it. I went there to experience the cobbles and bergs, but was quite captivated by the whole culture of the place. Great roads to ride, lots of cycling infrastructure, respect from the motorists, friendly locals, great food and beer to enjoy. I’ll be going back there again… and again…

    As for the race, well it didn’t look like Geraint had the legs in the final, but it still could have been him or any of ten other blokes with 20k or so to go. I thought Terpstra would have a proper dig with a couple of k to go, he still looked smooth where Kristoff was all over his bike. Chapeau to Krooked Hat though, he’s a tough bastard and no mistake.

  14. @frank

    Beautiful photos. I want to get back there for the Ronde so badly.  I was at Roubaix several years ago, which was amazing.  Thanks!

  15. Anybody know which photographer took the Flanders shot of Phil Anderson? I’d love to try and get a print of that photo.

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