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Der Jens, putting the "V" in Voigt.

Monikers of the Giants

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It only takes the most cursory glance through the Lexicon to realize that we have a special love for nicknames here at Velominati.  I’m not sure what it is that compels us to call things by some made-up name instead of the actual ones; it almost seems like we’re bragging that we know something well…


Beer in the Bidon: Field Test Update

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Initially, “Beer in the Bidon” was to be a single, definitive posting, an authoritative ranking of the single best variety of the single best and most important cycling performance beverage yet devised by the hand of man: beer. “Beer?” you ask. That’s right, beer (and say hello to your mother for me). Or, to put…


Study of a Toolbag: The Assos Guy

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Until I started wearing the sacred threads of the V-Kit, I believed firmly that Assos produced the finest clothes in cycling.  Their winter clothes are toasty-warm and lack the bulk of most winter garb, while no epidermal cell has ever been lost to chaffing while wearing a pair of FI.13 bibs. For a company who…


Velominati Interview: Garmin’s Kris ‘Grom’ Withington

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With La Vuelta in full swing and the Worlds only weeks away, there are more than a few riders who will be feeling the effects of a long, hard season.  Months of training, travelling and racing take a physical and mental toll that we, as mere mortals, can only begin to imagine.  But without the…

Post-pain camaraderie.  It's all worth while after it's over.

Guest Article: Race Report – “The Club Champs”

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The Velominati are proud to present the following guest article by community member Marcus, who also writes for the Squadra di Vecchi Tori blog. Here is a tale of a man who embarks in 6-man open race. Of the five starters, one drops out to make it a 5-man race, but the race still manages…

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