Anatomy of a Photo: Roulin’ Dirty

Anatomy of a Photo: Roulin’ Dirty

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After a long, hard day of dishing out pain to the peloton it’s time to chillax with der Homies. Here we have der Kaiser and Klodenizzle pimpin’ in the T-Mobile bus. Roulin’ dirty fo’ sho’.

// Anatomy of a Photo

  1. @Souleur
    The guy in the tie is most disapproving of the lack of The V.

    In fact, he looks so stern, I wonder if he’s actually just a cardboard cutout they taped to the window in an effort to discourage the kind of lounging that’s going on there.

    There’s some photo shoot in some issue of Cycle Sport where Klodi is dressed in some suit and he’s got this naked woman draped all over him. It’s nice to see a lad with no self-esteem issues. So many guys these days are insecure.

  2. What’s the guy with the clipboard on the far right doing? Is that a Geiger counter – or assuming they’re in Germany – a Geiger-Müller Counter in his paw, scanning for Awesomeness radiating from the bus?

  3. sorry frank & marko, I can’t stinkin read. i get in a stupid hurry. Rule #5 johnson-doh

  4. LMAO frank, now that is funny

    we need that as a rule, the measure of awesomeness from one implementing Rule #5 w/style, in this case it was eminating from the microbus, pink microbus, pink microbus w/silver wolf’rs in the back w/LED lighting and a loveseat.

  5. Frank does deserve full cred for finding that pic. And in keeping with the spirit of the era, I present to you this:

    Not too hard to find images of Cipo pimpin. In fact, I’d say every photo of Cipo is pimp.

  6. @Cyclops
    Damn you’re quick with this stuff. And how cool is it you sort of have my bike in there?

  7. @Marko

    I actually did that a long time ago. I just figured this would be the perfect time for it.

    BMC’s are really high on my want list. I would like either a Cervelo R3 or a BMC Team Machine or a Pinarello Dogma or a Colnago.

  8. @frank
    Sorry to disappoint, but I did say “bling” era. Kind of like the ’80s coke thing.

    Re. Adidas: yes, I understand the German/T-Mobile/Adidas connection, and I’m fluent in Rule #69, but we might add an addendum that cycling kit is for riding not lounging…

  9. @Cyclops
    I dunno man, I’ve seen those pics of your cannonwhale and it’s a sweet looking ride. Your observance of Rule #12 is to be commended.

  10. Where are Cipo-pimp’s tan-lines?

  11. That van interior is horrid – pretty goofy shot. Jan however is cool – one of my favorite pro riders of all time. Well, minus the blood doping and whatever the hell else he did….

    @Cyclops: Awesome VW pic. I’m a bit of a air cooled VW fan – nice job.

  12. You seem to forget that Eddy Merckx wore black adidas ?

  13. @Dan O

    Here’s another one that I’m sure His Frankness will like – I’ve always wanted a celeste green bug with a Bianchi on top too.

  14. @Geof
    Cipo, for all his Awesomeness is in blatant violation of Rule #7, and in fact features in the example photo.

    Got it, I’ll not be so quick to judge next time; realize now the reference was towards the bling bit, not the doping bit.

  15. @Salsa_Lover

    You seem to forget that Eddy Merckx wore black adidas ?

    Yeah, just another tick in the list of how awesome Adidas is. I wear their pants all over the place, shoes, sandals, wristbands on the turbo-trainer…Anything I can get my hands on.

    You must be right that we were separated at birth. I’ve considered having my Bianchi TSX repainted in Celest, but I can’t bring myself to do it.

    Can you do a new rendering of that bug with some Velominati art on there? That one sucks. At least make the tires say “Obey the Rules” or something.

  16. @Dan O
    I’m with you, brother. My favorite rider that I’ve watched race. Did I mention on sat on his TT bike before the ’03 Gaillac ITT? Gave the security guard a sandwich and he let me into the place and sit on it.

    Before I sat on the bike:

    The Man sitting on the same bike:

    I’m pretty sure the two events are related. I mean, there’s not really any other way about it.

  17. The heinous first photo is made up by the awesomeness of the renditions from Cyclops and the V on display on the Bianchi.

  18. And I am betting there is a big fat soigneur named Rudy or Willy very close by with chamois cream at the ready.

    I always had a feeling that Kloden dodged some bullets on the doping front. He rode so well for a few seasons in what turned out to be very bad company and then became a much lesser rider in his latter years with Lance et al. But then again, that aint exactly good company is it?

  19. Like this?

  20. frank :


    You seem to forget that Eddy Merckx wore black adidas ?

    Yeah, just another tick in the list of how awesome Adidas is. I wear their pants all over the place, shoes, sandals, wristbands on the turbo-trainer…Anything I can get my hands on.

    It’s really too bad they seem to have discontinued their cycling line, unless they are just hiding it from me exclusively.

    I wear Adidas shoes exclusively while not at work or cycling (OK, sometimes I wear them to work as well), and in my mind there is no better brand of casual sneakers. I *tried* to like the lesser-Dassler brother’s sneakers, but I just couldn’t go against the trifoil.

    Back to the original photo: with all of the Adidas logos splashed about the clothing upon which these athletes are wearing, do you think the “bangin'” sound system that is installed underneath the bench seats is bumping RUN DMC “My Adidas”?

  21. @frank
    Correlation = causation. This bike is sitting on the wall of my local coffee shop. I see it two or three times a week. I like to think that has something to do with Zabriskie’s early success in the 2005 TdF. He hasn’t dropped by to thank me yet, though.

  22. @Cyclops
    Down to the “V”s on the hub caps, I really, really, really, really wish I could have that car.

    The Adidas cycling line has been re-badged as “Mavic”. For example, the Yellow Princesses are actually Adidas shoes.

    And abso-fuckin’-lutely they are playing My Adidas. Either that or Kraftwerk.

    Some of those pros are so damn insensitive.

  23. I’m thinking the accompaniment is more along the lines of:

  24. @ben
    Wow. Just, WOW. I actually expect them to do this.

  25. @frank

    Ah, I had no idea Adidas was providing private-label stuff for Mavic. Allow me a second to brown-nose: I only recently found this site, but it’s a rich source of cycling knowledge without looking down upon those who are new to the sport, very nice indeed.

    As far as Kraftwerk is concerned, I would hope they would be bumping Der Mensch Machine (Deutsch version, of course), but I would also accept them playing the then-recently-released (if the photo is from 2004) Tour De France Soundtrack.

  26. Wouldn’t this be more appropriate?

  27. That is a bold lounging position when you are in white kit…

    Wow, the inside of that bus is awful. And yeah, I can’t imagine allowing that photo to be snapped. Bad idea.

  28. @Marko
    I just noticed that the crown laying beside the Lion King looks like someone added fuzzy trim to a Burger King kid’s crown.

  29. @frank
    I thought pretty much the same thing when I saw the photo. Cipo must dig on the Whopper.

  30. Amazing Pics: made me smile…. Kloden and Ullrich “roulin’ dirty” in the team bus and Cipo on his chaise lounge: Taking Homophobia to a new level lol

  31. @Cyclops: That bug pics looks cool as well. Gotta go with the Centerlines however.

    @Frank: Great Jan/TT bike story. Would have damn funny if the seatpost snapped off while you were sitting on it. Meanwhile, security guard munches on sandwich looking horrified.

  32. The Adidas Adistar Cycling line was really excellent, I could stock up when Adidas and Salomon split and then Adidas discontinued the cycling line, the shops were liquidating it everywhere and I could get several summer and winter kits that will last me many seasons, the Adistar Arctic series is superb for 0-5°C cycling, the windfront for 6-12°C, the body mapping for standard weather and the airflow versions for hot weather are simply great. The shoes are also very good but I confess that I am liking more the SIDIs right now.

    Mavic took over the designs and they still produce good stuff

  33. When I saw the colors of this Element I couldn’t resist.

  34. @Cyclops
    Nice. I actually drive an Element.

  35. Did you notice the “V” all up in the grill?

  36. @Cyclops
    yup, and the “Obey the Rules” all ambulanced out and shit!

  37. It’s how I roll.

  38. That’s a sweet jeep.

  39. @frank
    How about one of these modified V-style?

  40. Nate :

    How about one of these modified V-style?

    Wow, that’s pretty sweet. Those old Volvos were great. When I was younger (late high school age), I *really* wanted one of those angular Volvo 240 sedans, rather than a tricked out Honda or whatever the kids are into.

  41. So if you’re publicly considering a doping confession, have you not already confessed?

  42. @Nate

    How about one of these modified V-style?

    Ha, I was just cleaning out some spam and saw this post. We actually saw that car in Oudenaarde at the RVV museeum during Keepers Tour.

  43. @frank


    How about one of these modified V-style?

    Ha, I was just cleaning out some spam and saw this post. We actually saw that car in Oudenaarde at the RVV museeum during Keepers Tour.

    Just thinking about that this weekend, because someone a couple blocks from here has a slightly newer Volvo in almost the Molteni color. Whenever I see it I fantasize about buying it from them and doing it up like that.

  44. Ullrich apologetic after drink-driving Swiss crash
    FUCKING IDIOT!! there could’ve been riders on the same road!

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