59 Replies to “Anatomy of a Photo: Roulin’ Dirty”

  1. Nate :

    How about one of these modified V-style?

    Wow, that’s pretty sweet. Those old Volvos were great. When I was younger (late high school age), I *really* wanted one of those angular Volvo 240 sedans, rather than a tricked out Honda or whatever the kids are into.

  2. @frank


    How about one of these modified V-style?

    Ha, I was just cleaning out some spam and saw this post. We actually saw that car in Oudenaarde at the RVV museeum during Keepers Tour.

    Just thinking about that this weekend, because someone a couple blocks from here has a slightly newer Volvo in almost the Molteni color.  Whenever I see it I fantasize about buying it from them and doing it up like that.

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