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From Café To Roubaix

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Assuming you ride somewhere outside the borders of Antarctica, you have likely already heard about the injustice being imposed on our friend and fellow Velominatus, Dan Richter who goes around these parts as @Dan_R. I’ve been riding Dan’s wheels for a bit over a year, and they are the best I’ve ever had. After hearing…

The Tobinator

Velominati Interview: Garmin’s Toby Watson

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Keepers: We understand you’re fairly new to cycling. How does a physio with little background in cycling end up getting hooked up with one of the greatest teams on the Pro Tour? Toby Watson: “Little background” is being pretty generous there. I was a blank slate as far as cycling experience was concerned! It was…


Velominati Interview: Garmin’s Kris ‘Grom’ Withington

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With La Vuelta in full swing and the Worlds only weeks away, there are more than a few riders who will be feeling the effects of a long, hard season.  Months of training, travelling and racing take a physical and mental toll that we, as mere mortals, can only begin to imagine.  But without the…

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