Guest Article: Murray to Moyne, Part II

Guest Article: Murray to Moyne, Part II

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  1. Way to put it down. nice bit of cash raised as well. I am glad to be able to read about it.

  2. Was gonna quote point 2 of the few things you knew, cos I loved it, then read the rest and wanted to quote a fuckton of stuff.
    Great write-up; sounds like a shithouse time, and a great time.

  3. Great story Marcus!
    I pay respects to you and all your friends!

  4. Unbelievable! You tough monkeys, note to self; do not go to Australia, they will know I’m not tough enough as soon as I step off the plane. And you guys get nice women to travel with you for massage and you raise a fuckton of money. So very studly.

    Sometime after 11pm we arrived in a town called Moyston (can you imagine being a girl from there telling people the name of your home town?)

    This would have kept me snickering away for the next 100km even though I don’t really get it.

  5. Wow! 80 Large. Niiice. Excellent write up. Helluva slog on the flats. Made my knees hurt just imagining it. Had a beer in your honor.

  6. Gianni:
    This would have kept me snickering away for the next 100km even though I don’t really get it.

    Yeah I didn’t get the Moyston thing either at first. Maybe it’s some sort of descendents-of-convicts inside joke. I think I get it now though, if you say it to yourself in a sort of Aussie accent. Just imagine Steve Irwin saying it.

    Kidding aside, what an effort! Great job, and good on you all for raising so much money for charity. Glad we finally got to hear about it.

  7. A. Your kits are classy.
    B. Congrats on the large sum raised.
    C. That would have really sucked, save for your mates.
    D. I love the fellow behind you all with the tray of beer.
    E. Strong work.

  8. Oh this photo tells a tale. Study the faces well.
    1) Rider-“Thank Christ that is over, I’m going to slaughter eight of these fucking beers before I talk to anyone” “I am fucked”
    2)DS?-“Thank Christ I didn’t have to ride that, sure driving a car at 24 KPH is thirsty work but these guys are ruined”

    Again Marcus, outstanding post and ride. You da Man.

  9. Well done Mate. I did a 330k “race” a few years ago and crossing the finish line 11.5 hours later was quite an overwhelming feeling. We really need to get a large group of Velominati together for something like this in the states.

  10. @Gianni
    Did they kidnap JV and auction off his sideburns to goose the bottom line?

  11. Great stuff, Marcus. The very essence of Rule V personified…and congrats on the $$$ you raised.

  12. Nice work Marcus. Love the Footy photo pose BTW! Where’s the ball boy?

    No envy at all on my behalf for what you went through though. 80 big ones hey? Congratulations!

    Yes, the faces say it all

  13. Great job Marcus. Congrats on raising all that cash, and on having possibly the coolest team kit ever (Coppi Bianchi inspired?). Maybe only us Antipodeans get the Moist-On thing.

  14. Thanks for all your kind messages fellas. A few responses:
    The fella with the tray of beer is a little Iranian fella we have adopted as a soigneur and completely converted to the Western way of life.

    The beer-drinking rider in that photo only sat on a road bike for the first time in January. A mate lent him a “starter” road bike. Colnago C50 with Record gruppo and Hyperon rules. Your assessment of his expression was light on by about 10 beers.

    @Bianchi Denti
    Thanks for your comments on the kit. Was designed by one of our riders, Dave Pidgeon (riding red steel Cinelli above). Very accomplished graphic designer – go to his website here to see some of his other cycling-related design…

  15. Marcus, it is such a pleasure to live vicariously and not have to go through the hell – Good on you and the team, to finish together must have taken individual guts as well as a group dynamic only a tight bunch could do – or blind drunks with only one goal and obviously you all made it to the pub! Seriously the cash raised makes it worth it, congrats.

  16. @Gianni
    Ahah! That’s a funny interpretation of that photo!

  17. And I’m with Marko about all his comments!

  18. @Marko
    Thought you might like this additional piece of kit in our “kitty”. A velominati version could go well too.

  19. @Marcus
    Man, you blokes go all out. Is the triangle on there supposed to be a saddle, banana hammock, or bull?

  20. @Marko, @Marcus
    Or an arftul V?

    It’s a spectacular idea. Who makes the brew? There might be some local microbrews here willing to make a v-brew…

  21. @Marko
    The symbol is a little obscured – dont have a better picture handy but its probably clearer on a few of the jerseys above – on the right breast. Symbol is a saddle and handlebars which together form a bull motif. Alternatively it has also been likened to an upside down schematic of male genitalia as well as a set of fallopian tubes. Guess that is what our designer defines as art. It gets people thinking.

    Unfortunately, the design is only on the drink cooler (we call ’em stubbie holders) – that brew was a Budvar, a nice Czech number.

  22. @Marcus
    sorry, left breast..

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