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The Austin, Texas Cogal; December 4, 2011

by Jeff in Big D / Nov 4 2011 / 193 posts

Stop the presses, North American Cogal #2 is off and running.  @Jeff in PetroMetro is organizing a ride deep in the heart-o-Texas on December 4, 2011 for the rider who wants a taste of drought, dust storm, truck nuts and fun. Lest we forget what a Cogal is, “… A meeting of like-minded misfits brought together by the promise of beer, preceded by a bike ride.” Commemorative V-Pints can be fabricated for such a thirst inducing event, please send orders through Velominati central ordering department.  They may even be ready in time to wash that Texas dust down the neck hole.

Keep the rubber side down, Gianni

Dang!  We’re havin’ a Cogal in Austin!  How ‘bout that?

I guess I’ve been a Velominatus for a little over a year now.  In that time, I’ve gotten to know many fellow Velominati online.  And I feel like I know y’all.  But I’ve never had the opportunity to meet any of you in person.  And for that matter, I don’t know most of y’all by your given names.

But some of that is about to change.  On the weekend of December 4th, in Austin, I get to meet, live and in Technicolor, Buck Rogers, Itburns, Bongo, and, rumor has it, Souleur.  Buck’s coming up from San Antonio with Mrs. Buck and the Buckettes.  Itburns is driving in from Houston (Yewstun), same as me and my relations.  Bongo’s on his way from Waco (Way-Coe).  And Souleur’s coming from I don’t know where.  But I know it’s a long drive.

Why Austin?  ‘Cause it’s not Houston.

Austin’s pretty.  Austin’s cool.  Austin’s where I lived as a student, a bike racer, and as a young college graduate with a good state gubment job.  Austin’s got rolling hills, good barbeque, and cold beer.  And, in case I forgot to mention it, Austin’s not Houston.

So, here’s the plan, set in sand in a windstorm:  I’m driving up Friday night, December 2nd, and spending the weekend.  I’m staying in a hotel near the Arboretum which is in northwest Austin.  That’s near the north end of Highway 360 (Capital of Texas Highway) almost where it meets Highway 183.  360 is a great jumping off point for a rolling, hilly ride west of Austin.  We’ll start in the parking lot of the Arboretum.  I’ll let y’all know exactly where late next week.

We’ll head southwest and make a counter-clockwise loop.  As we come back east, approaching Austin from the south, I’d like to go through Buda (Bew-duh).  As we come up through Austin we’ll make our way up to 35thStreet, then west over Mt. Bonnell and back toward 360 for a ride north to our starting point.

Mind you, all of this is subject to change after next Tuesday, when I’m riding reconnaissance in Austin.

I’d like for all of us to get together on Saturday evening at the Shady Grove restaurant on Barton Springs Road.  We’ll get some good food, some good beer and/or margaritas, and put some faces with some names.  Time to be determined, but I’m guessing around 6pm so we can eat, drink, visit, and still get some decent sleep.

Sunday morning, we’ll get a big stack of gingerbread pancakes at Kerbey Lane Café.  Then at either V before 10, or V after 10, we’ll head off into the wild blue yonder.

My intention is to keep the ride between 130km and 160km.  There will be quite a bit of rolling hills and not much flat.  This will be a Casually Deliberate ride.  No one gets dropped by much or for too long, and there will be plenty of places to stop and load up on food and drinks.

I’ll post more details after my visit to Austin on Tuesday.  Stay tuned.

If anyone else can join us in Austin, please do.  I’m looking forward to seeing y’all.

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