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Rock Hoppin’

Rock Hoppin’

by jim / Aug 24 2009 / 2 posts

In keeping with the retro thread from Frank and his MB-Zip, here is the bike I spent my weekend on:

For those of you squinting, it’s a Specialized Rock Hopper, circa 1988.  This museum piece is my ride of choice when visiting my in-laws in Boise, ID.  It’s perfect for the miles and miles of dry single-track in the foothills outside of town.  Well, perfect if you consider your joints to be disposable.  Anyway, I logged a few thousand feet of vert on this puppy, and enjoyed every minute.  A few details, like the threaded headset that need two full turns to tighten and remove the “death rattle,”  as well as the luxurious combination of running shoes and flat pedals.  Hey, take what you can get, right?  A day on a bike is a good day.

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