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No Braking Allowed

No Braking Allowed

by frank / Jul 2 2009 / 5 posts

Jens Voigt can always be relied on for entertaining comments to the press.  One of my favorite quotes of his was during an interview discussing the role that a rider’s mind plays during a race:

When you go hard, your body says, ‘STOP!’ and your mind says, ‘BODY, SHUT UP!’ And, sometimes it works!  And then you GO!

The cycling world has been abuz about the Tour’s radio ban during two stages of the Tour, and it seems everyone is willing to weigh in on the discussion.  The most amusing comment comes, not suprisingly, from Jens:

What will they say next – two days without helmets, just to make it more interesting? Or two days without cables in our brakes?

Now that would be worth seeing.

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