Tales of a Cyclotourist, Part III: 2006 Pla-de-Beret

Tales of a Cyclotourist, Part III: 2006 Pla-de-Beret

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  1. A. Mich looks totally serious and maybe even a little freaked out in those pics
    B. Why was he riding back down?
    C. You just go around ending careers. That’s just what you do.

  2. @Marko
    Team buses rarely go up to the top of a summit finish because it’s so hard to get off the mountain afterward so riders put on some extra layers while they are still warm and ride back to the bus below. It’s safer to descend while the course is closed, before all the drunk tifosi start descending, unless of course, a Dutch Monkey crosses your path. Il Falco versus the Monkey, no one wins there.

    Frank, that is a hell of a tale, all to get a good photo of Tomeke. Mamma Mia…

  3. @Marko
    A. She was totally For Cereal. Afterward – before asking if I was OK – she exclaimed, “My bike is lighter!!”
    B. It would never have happened in France.
    C. Trudat.

  4. @john
    He’s my boy, what can I say?

    A really funny side tale is that he was the first to go back down by bike, others started going down soon after. But pretty soon, word spread as to what happened to him. Next thing I know, I see Boogerd heading down. Moments later, he comes back up, sitting in the back of the Rabo car, looking awfully dejected, like a child who had just been scolded. I can only imagine what happened in between.

  5. Wow – that’s a great story. Something not to be repeated for sure though.

  6. @Dan O
    Agreed. There are certainly other, more mutually-beneficial methods to making a trip memorable.

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