Velominati Super Prestige: La Fleche Wallone

Velominati Super Prestige: La Fleche Wallone

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The inaugural Velominati Super Prestige continues with La Fleche Wallone on Wednesday, April 21.   This will be the third race in the season-long series and presents another opportunity to jump up the rankings and unseat current series leader and rainbow cog wearer, Rob, who consolidated his lead Sunday at Amstel Gold.  The competition remains very close and leadership can belong to anyone who makes a good race prediction Wednesday.

La Fleche is sure to be as unpredictable as Amstel, as the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull continues to wreak havoc on the start list, with riders who can not pronounce the volcano’s name being rendered unable to travel to the races.  Add to that the ferocity of the finishing climb – the Muur de Huy with it’s 26% ramps – and we have an other unpredictable race on our hands.  Is this a year for a solo breakaway to finally succeed, or will itagain feature a large group who contests the finale in a brutish uphill sprint?

This edition’s winner will again earn an “Obey the Rules” bumper sticker  and all reader’s points qualify towards the final prize of the free Velominati Shop Apron.  If you are inclined to enter, simply post your predictions for the top five placings in the comment section.  Good luck.

Rules and results are posted Velominati Super Prestige page.

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  1. @brett
    Sadly I can’t change my vote once cast…

  2. Wow, we pretty much got fuck all in the scoring. The competition will stay close.

  3. @frank

    Good race. No spoiler but from me but good race. At first glance I did pretty well considering the melee.

  4. Awesome race, guys. Our inability to call the Ardienne classics so far has done nothing to open up the competition. While Marko took today’s race and jumped up the rankings, Rob still managed to maintain his lead. Liege should prove to be interesting.

    The results are:

    La Fléche Wallonne, April 21, 2010

    1. Marko: 3 points
    2. Rob: 2 points
    2. Frank: 2 points
    2. Brett: 2 points
    5. John: 1 points
    5. Joe: 1 points
    5. Geoff: 1 points
    8. James, Dan O, Jim: 0 points

    The current Super Prestige standings are:

    1. Rob: 12 points
    2. Marko: 11 points
    3. Frank: 10 points
    4. John: 9 points
    5. Brett: 8 points
    6. Joe: 6 points
    6. Geoff: 6 points
    8. James, Dan O, Jim: 0 points

    Full results are posted on the main Super Prestige page.

  5. Congratulations to Marko on taking the win and to Geof, who takes the Obey the Rules sticker for this edition. The tie-breaker for this one was by merit of Geof being the first to post his results.

    Please let me know if anyone sees any errors in my calculations.

  6. Wow. That was pretty great from Cadel, clearly Contador is off his meds…where was that fabled spring? Why did I drop Cunego from my line up for the doper at the last minute? Doh! A Schleck seemed to be doing a holding role for his Bro, the rascal. Rodriguez looked strong at the end though – nice to see. I’m still with Gilbert for LBL…..

  7. Good work all. Not easy to call but fun as hell to watch. I thought those of us who picked Bert were surely gonna wrack up fivers. But low and behold the good Cadel shows up. Nice to see El Pistelero shoots blanks sometimes, he visibly lost it on that last pitch. And good on Cadel for doing the rainbow stripes some justice. Now a quick sigh of relief and the stress continues with LBL.

  8. @Joe
    Yeah, crazy, huh? I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Cadel take over; he’s usually the guy with the ill-timed attack, but that just goes to show how much experience counts for in these classics. From where I’m sitting right now, I’m not banking too much on a Bert win for LBL. It’s too important in these races to know exactly when to get your groove on.

  9. @Marko
    This one was really hard to call, but I’m really happy for Cadel. I’ve felt he’s looked overweight all season (and still does) but I guess he’s not. I don’t think you can win one of these races if you’re a fatty.

    El Pistolero. What to say. It thought he was moving away from that salute, but I guess not. I mean shit, he even had his bike painted in that stupid impressionistic rainbow pistol hand.

  10. @frank

    I too am happy for Cadel and take back what I posted about his mangina. I’ll change that description to big rainbow striped balls. I agree, he has looked a little pudgy and the new pic of him crossing the finish line makes it look like he’s got a huge dip in. And the schlecks, I’m not sure what to think of them for Sunday. Great ride on Frank’s part today albeit unsuccesful. And I’m really doubting Andy’s fitness these days. No doubt it’s on the upswing and he’s going to want to defend this weekend but it seems he’s behind the rest of the bunch. Gotta love the Saxo guys overall. I’d like to see someone tip Jens this weekend.

  11. Yeah, good on ‘em. Always nice when the World Champion wins and when someone learns from their mistakes. And it shows experience is a big factor in these one day races, Alberto might have won with better timing. LBL should be a lot of fun to watch. I’d like Ryder to win but I might have to bet against him. Is that wrong?
    And what happened to Wiggins? I think he is a pure stage racer, or at least not a Spring Classics boy.

  12. @john
    I have a sneaking suspicion that Wiggins is not actually just a pure stage racer but may in fact be almost entirely pure “Wankpod”. I know he has the hopes of a nation on him, but he looks just a tad too much like one of the dillholes from Oasis and not enough like Eddy Merckx or the hard-ass kid who cut his own arm off when he got it stuck under a rock in a canyon and now continues to rock climb with one fucking arm.

  13. @Marko
    Yeah, I have to say that while I’m not tipping him for a win at Liege, I am really impressed with his gutsy move today. That’s the second time I’ve seen him really ride aggressively (without being stupid) and that’s the second time I’ve seen him ride away with the win. Strong work.

  14. @frank
    I’m with you on that, he is not looking the part of Hardman. Last summer he had a skinhead thing working which was much better than his “Mod” pussy look. A dillhole(!?). Yeah. fucking dillhole. I’m waiting to see him drop Lance again, that was cool or ride away from everyone like my boy Fabian does.

  15. I have a sneaking suspicion that Wiggins is not actually just a pure stage racer but may in fact be almost entirely pure “Wankpod”.

    “Wankpod”?! Nice. Twiggo certainly doesn’t do it for me. When he was on the Geek’s team I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but that clearly no longer applies – and the circumstances of his defection to the Thin Blue Lie do nothing to enhance his rep.

    On a more positive note, full respect to Good Cadel. Marvellous effort. Yes, Brett, he is (apparently) a power climber. And Bertie is not (always). Which is even better.

    Am, naturally, honoured to be a recipient of the sticker. Not sure about your maths work there, but I’ll take it and display it with pride nonetheless. You can send c/- Brett.

  16. Wiggopod? Good race all. El Bertie must have been tired from the drive up?

  17. Jolly Naughty Wiggins

  18. @brett
    Wow. That’s really messed. The other guy is just along for the ride and is like, “Really?”

  19. @all:
    Clarifying question: Is Cadel Evans doing the “Thumbs Up” salute? If so, that’s maybe even lamer than Cuntador’s pistol.

  20. I think he’s saying; “Look at the huge dip of Skoal I have in my mouth. If you use Skoal, you too can attack on the Muur de Huy and win a monument. It’s the new CERA.”

  21. Could be a Cavendish style phone tribute or perhaps just directing attention to his magnificent camel’s hoof of a chin…jury’s out for me.

  22. Joe :Could be a Cavendish style phone tribute or perhaps just directing attention to his magnificent camel’s hoof of a chin…jury’s out for me.

    It’s worse than that. He’s thinking “Shit, how does that cool pistol sign go?” Just after this shot, he gives some random hand-wave, entirely consistent with the accompanying thought “Oh, that’s right, forgot the index finger. Fuck. Have gotta get this right before the Giro.”

    OK, a more charitable view is that he’s thinking “Look, Bertie, I don’t need an index finger to win in style. Stick that up your Spanish arse.” But even that is pretty sad. Even if he meant it metaphorically.

  23. @Marko, @Joe
    You guys are geniuses. Skoal in his camels hoof of a chin!!!

    …assimilating phrase “camels hoof of a *blank*” into vocabulary now…

  24. @Geof
    It definitely does seem like he is really uncomfortable when he wins. It’s like, “Really? Did no one pass me?” The little wave at the worlds was uberlame, too. Yikes. Dood needs to work on his Coolness Quotient.

  25. I’m sorry, the guy is becoming a classic and thats with the camel hoof thing too. But shite do they have to dress him up in all those championship stripes? I mean gloves, helmet, even the socks – wtf, he didn’t win the best dressed butch guy in the gay pride parade.
    Damn, come to think of it he does look good – wait I didn’t say that.

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