Velominati Super Prestige: Amstel Gold Race

Velominati Super Prestige: Amstel Gold Race

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The inaugural Velominati Super Prestige kicks into full swing this week with the Amstel Gold Race to be held Sunday, April 18.   Sunday will be the second race in the season-long series and is an opportunity to unseat current series leader and rainbow cog wearer, Rob, who took the lead last week by predicting two podium finishers.

We are happy to report that all post-prediction samples came back negative for clairvoyance-enhancing substances, although several readers did return samples showing high caffeine and alcohol levels.  Those readers have been issued letters indicating that they have been placed on a watch list and may be subject to further scrutiny.

This week’s winner will earn an “Obey the Rules” bumper sticker  and all reader’s points qualify towards the final prize of the free Velominati Shop Apron.  If you are inclined to enter, simply post your predictions for the top five placings in the comment section.  Good luck.

Rules and results are posted Velominati Super Prestige page.

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  1. @john
    Well, as a Dutchman, I’m hopelessly optimistic while at the same time being painfully realistic. Jim refers to this as being “Typically Dutch: awkward but accurate.”

    That spritely youngster is brewing some big wins in those skinny little legs; but he can’t go up against a guy like Gilbert at this stage.

  2. @brett
    He had a big fan base in Aspet where we holiday routinely. He’s a talented, if moodly, little bastard. Kinda hard not to like him. I like those enigmatic riders.

  3. @Marko
    I’m not the only one; I’ll have to score everyone’s results today and see if anyone overtook Rob as the Super Prestige leader. It’s going to be close going into la Fleche.

  4. Maaskant – wtf was I thinking – DNF.
    But hey Ryder Hesjedal 2nd! If only I had switched them. Then you’d all think I really was a genius…

    I think i lost the jersey. Congrats to Joe, John and Frank on calling it!

  5. At least I had Kreutziger. Pretty pathetic overall though as far as I’m concerned. Congrats to the winners. Now I have some work to do for Fleche to get back on the podium.

  6. @Rob
    Thanks Rob, all my other guesses were insane though I toyed with Gasparotto as a pick but since he hasn’t done squat for ages I didn’t. Grrrrrr, should have.

    Maakant and Van Summeren have sucked this spring but Ryder could be da man in Liege. I believe he made top ten last year and he is a Maui-boy so I have to back him.

    Gilbert really put some serious distance on everyone in the last 300m, he is a real powerhouse and he worked like crazy to chase down breaks. Excellent win.
    You tube of last few Km-Amstel 2010

  7. @Geof
    Nice work on Ryder in 2nd place. Beauty call. That’s 4 points. And I would have picked Spartacus last week too…except I picked that f’ing Dane who didn’t finish. Who would be against Spartacus?! Me, what a world, what a world…

  8. @john
    Ah – all my 5 got top ten, but in retrospect it does seem a bit foohardy to expect Frank to outpower Philippe. Well done on not falling into that trap. LBL shaping up to be a beauty – so long as there’s a(nother) volcano which keeps Alejandro away …

  9. @all,
    I tallied the points (and I welcome anyone to double-check my numbers) but it apprears we have a very close race for the overall Super Prestige leadership.

    Amstel was a crap-shoot, with only four Velominatus scoring points:

    Amstel Gold Race, 18 April 2010

    1. Frank, 5 points
    2. John, 5 points
    3. Joe, 5 points
    4. Geoff, 4 points
    5. Rob, Marko, Brett, James, Dan O, Jim 0 points

    However, the overall is very close, with Rob maintaining his lead by the virtue of him choosing the winner of an earlier race. He and I are separated by no points, with Marko, John, and Joe tied for third place, with Brett and Geof tied for sixth:

    1. Rob, 7 points
    1. Frank, 7 points
    3. Marko, 5 points
    3. John, 5 points
    3. Joe, 5 points
    6. Brett, 4 points
    6. Geoff, 4 points
    8. James, Dan O, Jim, 0 points

    This is anyone’s race.

  10. However, the overall is very close, with Rob maintaining his lead by the virtue of him choosing the winner of an earlier race. He and I are separated by no points, with Marko, John, and Joe tied for third place, with Brett and Geof tied for sixth:

    1. Rob, 7 points
    1. Frank, 7 points
    3. Marko, 5 points
    3. John, 5 points
    3. Joe, 5 points
    6. Brett, 4 points
    6. Geoff, 4 points
    8. James, Dan O, Jim, 0 points

    This is anyone’s race.


    Oh contrere! Even though I would like to take the honor; you have the lead because I did not pick first (for Pari-Rober, Marko did) so you now can have the poxy little cog lite up by your name – take it I am an imposter…

  11. @Rob
    The true sign of a champion is that s/he is always willing to admit defeat, even when it is not his/hers. Merckx, Hinault, LeMond; all refused to wear the Yellow feece during the Tour when leadership fell to them through means other than victory. Rob, you are a champion.

    Perhaps I did not state clearly enough; you were in the lead before we tied; in the typical aggregate competition, leadership falls to the one who held it first. In stage races, the ties are broken through aggregating hundredth-second results of the previous stages – we don’t have this luxury. Then, if that still proves to be a tie, it is broken through cumulative placings on previous stages. The leadership is yours. For now.

    But I won’t back off. Not for a second. And, after the “form data” gleaned from today’s stage, I will be stronger than ever before. The rainbow cog is yours, but watch your back. I’m coming on strong. But so is everyone else. If anything, the competition is narrowing down. Best get your affairs in order.

  12. “I was good, I was good, I was good and then I was bad” – C Evans, 18 April 2010. Though not as memorable as his canine-protection outbursts, a good effort from the little Ausssie battler nonetheless. (And curiously apt in respect of that other Australian cyclist, Brett, and his dive in form in the Velominati Super Prestige…)

  13. Thems fightin words, Geof!

    Are we tipping for Fleche? I think we should…

    Cadel has a win coming, either Wednesday or Sunday…

  14. Morning Gentlemen,
    1 out of 5 not bad (glad the rat I had in 2 was a DNS)…lovely ride from Gilbert too, might tip him for the LBL double…
    Feeling less than magesterial today. Whether it was an aggresively paced hill ride, or the aggressively paced post ride refreshment that’s scuppered me, I’m not sure. On the refreshment side, Cadel said it best…”I was good, I was good, I was good and then I was bad…”

  15. This volcano problem is gonna make Fleche harder. I’m guessing we’ll see a start list when riders actually line up at the start.

  16. @frank
    Thank you, in the light of day I can see the logic of it all and I accept your graciousness in letting me lead. Can my last post be deleted? Never again will I post drunk. My spell check does not correct French. Plus my catty little comment about the cog is not up to this sites standards. Really I am proud to have it at least for one more week!

    You all nipping at my heals is wearing on me but volcano or no there is no rest and I’m thinking that one of the Schlecks should be coming into form for a short hilly race, no?

  17. @Geof, @Joe

    Ah, poor old Cadel. Back to the same ol’, same ‘ol. The only rider in the race who cruelly was struck by a bout of fatigue. It must be a conspiracy, for surely he was the only rider to be struck by the Man with the Hammer, yes?

  18. @Rob
    Ah, how glorious the drunk post is. I’m guilty of a few myself. I for one, though, wouldn’t want your spelling any better than it was. In fact, I was amazed by the cleverness of the misspellings.

    As for the pithy remark, we’ll write it off as the jealous remarks of a man who believed he had lost his coveted fleece.

    Stand by for a reshuffling as we have decided to alter the means by which we score, giving bonus points for naming riders to the top 5, but not necessarily in the correct order.

  19. Updated results and standings. Rob now remains the clear leader, but the race is still very close.

    Amstel Gold Race, 18 April 2010

    1. Frank: 5 points
    1. John: 5 points
    1. Joe: 5 points
    1. Geoff: 5 points
    5. Rob: 2 points
    6. Marko: 1 point
    7. Brett, James, Dan O, Jim: 0 points

    Current Standings:

    1. Rob: 10 points
    2. Frank: 8 points
    2. John: 8 points
    2. Marko: 8 points
    5. Brett: 6 points
    6. Joe: 5 points
    6. Geoff: 5 points
    8. James, Dan O, Jim: 0 points

    Scoring rules and updated results are posted on the Velominati Super Prestige page.

  20. @frank
    Frabjous Day!! I had been fantasizing about talking to the VSP judges about just that plan! What glory, I now feel I have broken away a la Cancellara. You guys will never, ever catch me now! Remember my stroke is awesome and I will be peaking in May. Whooeee – bring it on!

    “What? Oh yea, sure Honey, just a minute I’m almost finished, yes I’ll take the garbage out… jeese”.

    Sorry, I was just about to say that I received the Veliminati Super Prestige award in the mail today and the little Honda fit now announces to all the Hummers here on Long Island to “OBEY THE RULES”! Yea baby, lets see how they react to that one!!

  21. @Geof, @Joe
    The panel is looking into a fair means to break the tie between the two of you for the Obey the Rules bumper sticker. You both scored 5 points and while Geof posted his picks before Joe, Joe scored all his points through picking the winner rather than relying on bonus points.

    It is currently under discussion and we will post our decision here.

  22. Frank,
    I’m happy to concede this battle and have Geof carry the bumper sticker. Chiefly (and in abolute accordance with Rule #4) as I don’t have a bumper from which to display it!
    It’s all about getting the message out there…

  23. @Joe
    What a bunch of good sports we have here at the Velominati! But after all, I suppose we all subscribe to Rule #5, don’t we?

    As noble as your position is, the panel has decreed that you are indeed the winner, as choosing the winner of the race outright is always a more difficult task than missing the winner and earning additional points through bonuses. Not to knock Geof’s great performance – both of you did very well with your picks – but in a tie-breaking scenario, we have to set a precedent and rule as we have and name you the winner.

    You’re welcome to ask us to ship it to Geof if you have no use for it, but the prize is rightfully yours. Congratulations, Joe! Geof, better luck at La Fleche!

  24. @Frank. Splendid news. I will happily accept the points jersey for this stage. The season is long and on subsequent form, it looks like I’ll need every one of them….A spot on my fridge awaits the exhortations. Could I e-mail you my address?

  25. VSP PICKS:

    1. Gilbert
    2. Ryder
    3. Frank
    4. Kreder
    5. Cunego

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