Velominati Super Prestige: Amstel Gold Race

Dutchman Michael Boogerd carries the flag in Amstel Gold

The inaugural Velominati Super Prestige kicks into full swing this week with the Amstel Gold Race to be held Sunday, April 18.   Sunday will be the second race in the season-long series and is an opportunity to unseat current series leader and rainbow cog wearer, Rob, who took the lead last week by predicting two podium finishers.

We are happy to report that all post-prediction samples came back negative for clairvoyance-enhancing substances, although several readers did return samples showing high caffeine and alcohol levels.  Those readers have been issued letters indicating that they have been placed on a watch list and may be subject to further scrutiny.

This week’s winner will earn an “Obey the Rules” bumper sticker  and all reader’s points qualify towards the final prize of the free Velominati Shop Apron.  If you are inclined to enter, simply post your predictions for the top five placings in the comment section.  Good luck.

Rules and results are posted Velominati Super Prestige page.

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53 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Amstel Gold Race”

  1. @Joe
    What a bunch of good sports we have here at the Velominati! But after all, I suppose we all subscribe to Rule #5, don’t we?

    As noble as your position is, the panel has decreed that you are indeed the winner, as choosing the winner of the race outright is always a more difficult task than missing the winner and earning additional points through bonuses. Not to knock Geof’s great performance – both of you did very well with your picks – but in a tie-breaking scenario, we have to set a precedent and rule as we have and name you the winner.

    You’re welcome to ask us to ship it to Geof if you have no use for it, but the prize is rightfully yours. Congratulations, Joe! Geof, better luck at La Fleche!

  2. @Frank. Splendid news. I will happily accept the points jersey for this stage. The season is long and on subsequent form, it looks like I’ll need every one of them….A spot on my fridge awaits the exhortations. Could I e-mail you my address?

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