Velominati Super Prestige: Fléche Wallonne Femmes 2012

Armstrong and Arndt photo by B. Denti

During the Ronde von Vlaanderen, we of the 2012 Keeper’s Spring Classic Tour were right on the Oude Kwaremont climb as the women big-ringed it up the cobbles. Kristin Armstrong (US Women’s Team) was burying herself to get on Judith Arndt’s (Greenedge) wheel. It looked like the winning break was going right in front of our eyes. Seeing professional cyclists in action is always a humbling experience and seeing these women was no exception. Damn, these women looked great: fit, strong, awesome and crushing the Oude Kwaremont in the Ronde. They must have been jazzed too, anyone who gets to race these fabled climbs must get a buzz storming up, urged on by the massive throng of beer infused Belgian fans.

They will be doing it again on the Mur de Huy on Wednesday. Will they be as psyched to crush that climb? Perhaps the winner will but everyone else might find it a bit too steep the second time around. This year’s course is 123km, 13.5km longer than last year’s with two ascents of the Mur de Huy. Marianne Vos (Rabobank) was sick for the Ronde but she is the heavy favorite having won Fléche Wallonne Femmes only the last four times. Stay on her wheel until the final 30 meters and pop by for the win. How hard can that be? Bloody impossible judging from her previous record yet betting against Armstrong, Arndt or Pooley seems foolhardy.

It’s cheating to look at Cyclop’s picks. He obviously sold his soul to the devil, that might be cheating, I’m not sure. The betting office window closes early Wednesday morning so do your worst. Here is the start list.

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220 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Fléche Wallonne Femmes 2012”

  1. It is so hard to bet against Vos, but I’m going to do it. I will regret it and people at work will wonder why I am openly weeping at my desk.

    Thank you for adding the Women’s VSP. It is like learning about pro cycling all over again and I’m having a good time. Although I wish I spoke Dutch. I feel I could do better internet searches for obscure information if I did.

    Thank you Google translate.


    1. Emma Pooley
    2. Marianne Vos
    3. Ina Teutenberg
    4. Judith Arndt
    5. Clara Hughes

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many with the exact same picks.


    1. Vos
    2. Pooley
    3. Ardnt
    4. Johansson
    5. Cooke

  3. @Erik
    I’m with you, I have to bet against Vos. I hope that little munchkin Pooley can beat her. But really, I’ve got nothing, no clue, as usual.


    1. pooley
    2. vos
    3. arndt
    4. huges
    5. cooke


    1. Marianne Vos
    2. Judith Arndt
    3. Pooley
    4. Armitstead
    5. Johannsen

  5. @Erik
    Me too, I’m thinking after her double collarbone breaks she’l be around but not quite on her best form. I’m factoring in my imagined “match fitness principle” because she’s not raced for a while and I’ve read many times that it can be hard to push yourself in training as hard as you’ll go in a race (maybe not for Pros).

    Of course, I’ve only managed 1 VSP point from the women’s races so far, a good indicator of my ignorance.


    1. VOs m
    2. arndt judith
    3. armstrong k
    4. emma johansson
    5. Pooley


    1. VOs m
    2. arndt judith
    3. cooke
    4. emma johansson
    5. Pooley

  8. Just picking names that others picked. Great affirmative action to include the skirts. But is it a True measure of our picking (un)skill?


    1. Vos
    2. Arndt
    3. Cooke
    4. Armstrong
    5. Pooley

  9. @Marcus

    Nope. May as well be a lawn-dart tournament in Antarctica for all the information we get on the participants.

  10. You can all repick, because Nicole Cooke just abandoned.


    1. Marianne /V/os
    2. Judith Arndt
    3. Emma Pooley
    4. Emma Johansson
    5. Adrianna Visser

  11. @snoov
    Vos has won this before (what hasn’t she won?) but she’s been sick and everything else that makes riders struggle. But she is starting, so I doubt she’ll hold back. Maybe, however, she is mortal.

  12. Guys, I even TOLD you that Cooke had already abandoned, and you are still picking her.

  13. @the Engine
    You just need to know where to look. I use wikipedia for past results and a lot of people on twitter provide information, for instance @tourdejose and @richiesteege

  14. @Netraam

    @the Engine
    You just need to know where to look. I use wikipedia for past results and a lot of people on twitter provide information, for instance @tourdejose and @richiesteege

    That’s what I’ve been doing. I don’t really follow the women’s cycling (shame on me!) so I don’t know much about them. This is my first time picking for a women’s race.

  15. @Sauterelle
    If I only had known that before entering my final picks!

    Nah, I hope everything is allright with her. She’s one of the favourites for the Giro Donna.

  16. #LindaVillumsen #MarianeVos #EvelynStevens #ClaraHughes #LucindaBrand 45s on the #bunch.5k to go

    Looks like I should’ve picked Hughes.

  17. Evelyn Stevens wins, Vos is second according to the NOS. Villumsen (the New Sealander) is 3rd, Brand is 4th.

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