Velominati Super Prestige: Gent Wevelgem 2017

Well shit. Our new book, The Hardmen, which is due to go to print any day now, has us so tangled up we forgot there’s a racing season going on with, well, hardmen! I’ll keep this brief: get the picks in and hurry, because the window will be very small!
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74 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Gent Wevelgem 2017”

  1. #1 for sure after E3

    and the rest are completely random fun picks, cheers all and good luck


    1. SAGAN Peter
    2. STUYVEN Jasper
    3. BOOM Lars
    4. TERPSTRA Niki
    5. HAYMAN Mathew

    1. Sagan, Peter
    2. Kristoff, Alexander
    3. Degenkolb, John
    4. Gaviria, Fernando
    5. Demare, Arnaud
  3. change:  Kwiatkowski out for the cobbled classics.


    1. Sep Vanmarke
    2. Peter Sagan
    3. Oliver Naesen
    4. Greg van Avermaet
    5. Philippe Gilbert
  4. I will try again with a browser not made by Microsoft…


    1. sagan
    2. van avermaet
    3. degenkolb
    4. vanmarke
    5. terpstra

    1. Alexander Kristoff
    2. John Degenkolb
    3. Peter Sagan
    4. Sep Vanmarcke
    5. Matteo Trentin
  6. Belgian Rhapsody…anyway the wind blows doesn’t really matter…


    1. Sagan
    2. Gaviria
    3. Demare
    4. Degenkolb
    5. Van Avermaet
  7. See people picking Vanmarke, but unless I’m blind he’s not starting. Going to be good no matter what. Sagan will be angry about E3, Sky is going to be smarting over getting destroyed in the Catalunya, and GVA will kill himself to win back to back races.


    1. Sagan
    2. kristoff
    3. GVA
    4. Terpstra
    5. Demare
  8. i still don’t know what I’m doing


    1. Peter Sagan
    2. Fernando Gaviria
    3. Arnaud Demare
    4. John Degenkolb
    5. Michael Matthews
  9. Ewen oming off a strong 10th at MSR – I think the fast men will light up the finish here as they don’t get many chances for a while going forward and there are some strong teams looking for

    a sprint finish


    1. Caleb Ewen
    2. Gaviria
    3. Colbrelli
    4. Sagan
    5. GVA
  10. VSP PICKS:

    1. Peter Sagan
    2. Fernando Gaviria
    3. Alexander Kristoff
    4. Barmaid Demare
    5. John Degenkolb
  11. VSP PICKS:

    1. Alexander Kristoff
    2. John Degenkolb
    3. Arnaud Demare
    4. Peter Sagan
    5. Fernando Gaviria
  12. VSP PICKS:

    1. Fernando Gaviria
    2. Peter Sagan
    3. Greg Van Avermaet
    4. Arnaud Demare
    5. Alexander Kristoff
  13. last alteration, due to Sep being ill..


    1. Peter Safan
    2. Oliver Naesen
    3. Greg van Avermaet
    4. Philippe Gilbert
    5. Niki Terpstra
  14. Eh, 20 minutes to spare.


    1. Kwiatkowski
    2. Sagan
    3. Degenkolb
    4. Van Avermaet
    5. Boasson Hagen
  15. VSP PICKS:

    1. Peter Sagan
    2. Fernando Gaviria
    3. Greg van Avermaet
    4. Alexander Kristoff
    5. John Degenkolb
  16. Sagan gave to Terpstra (and others too) strong lesson about  Rule #67 today. Why would you participate in a breakaway and then not willing to work?

    Deserved win to GVA.

  17. First and third correct! I’m tempted to retire for the season at this point! It’ll all be downhill from here.

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