Velominati Super Prestige: Luik-Bastenaken-Luik 2012

Eric Van Lacker leads LBL riding the most beautiful saddle ever made, the Rolls.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to move en danseuse on Rule #89 and to refer to Liege-Bastogne-Liege by its less-common Flemish name. It also draws into sharp relief that fact that while Dutch may be every bit as expressive and subtle as French, it certainly sounds less sexy.

Some races seem to foster a romanticism that other races of equal difficulty simply can’t match. Sometimes it is due to the parcours of the event, but many times it has to do with its history and the tales of superhuman effort that capivate our imaginations and builds on itself. The last few editions of this event have left something to be desired in terms of its legend, with the event falling to riders with less-than-pristine records. But that probably only means we’re due for another epic, so buckle in. Perhaps snow is in the forecast, or perhaps the hearts of the early break foil the computers dictating the pace to the field and it stays away. Or perhaps we wind up with a nail-biting sprint finish between the big names. One thing is for sure; the final of this race is perhaps the most difficult of any race on the calendar, with a combination of kilometers and climbs taking its pound of flesh from any who venture towards the line.

La Doyenne is a monument, and as such the winner of this event will win the customary symbol pack and earn the right to comment for the remainder of the season with the LBL Winner’s comment badge. Check the start list, watch the countdown timer, and try not to Delgado this beautiful race. Bon chance.

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292 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Luik-Bastenaken-Luik 2012”


    1. Gilbert
    2. Rodriguez
    3. Frank Schleck
    4. Voeckler
    5. Gerrans


    1. Gilbert
    2. Jelle Vanendert
    3. Rodriguez
    4. Frank Schleck
    5. Nibali


    1. Gilbert
    2. Tom Voeckler
    3. Nibali
    4. Schleck the younger
    5. Rodriguez


    1. Phil Gilbert
    2. Dan Martin
    3. M Albasini
    4. Daminao Cunego
    5. Jelle Vanendert

  5. Fingers crossed.


    1. Gilbert
    2. Sanchez
    3. Cunego
    4. Valverde
    5. Chavenal


    1. Gilbert
    2. Gerrans
    3. Nibbles
    4. Hope of a Nation
    5. Jelle Vanendert

  7. Ummm, the race has started but the VSP is still showing 2hrs+ to closing ???

  8. @ChrisO
    The starting time is the time the streams start, not when the race starts. I noticed this before in the AGR and Fleche Wallone Femmes.

  9. @Netraam

    It means that after that terrible crash involving Gilbert, the Schlecks, Nibali, Cunego, Gerrans and J Rod people still have time to change their picks…

    As long as they do it immediately and don’t faff around checking the internet.

  10. @ChrisO
    Yep. But I’m not gonna complain, those who keep themselves up to date have an extra edge over the others.

  11. Gerro rides for alba


    1. J rod
    2. Gilbert
    3. Nibali
    4. Cunego
    5. Albasini

  12. From the live feed: “A curious piece of data: since 2007 (inclusive) either Andy or Frank Schleck have finished in the top five of LBL”.

    @xyxax Thanks. The sky was wild that day, then the rain set in and turned the race into a mess.

  13. Couple of shots of what’s making up for having to watch LBL via the SBS live stream because they won’t broadcast it live on tv in those areas of Australia that aren’t on the eastern seaboard.

    Brasserie d’Achouffe Biere Brune d’Ardenne – tasty!

    [dmalbum: path=”/”/]

  14. Yeah doesn’s start for another hour in WA, but we’re used to getting screwed like that here.

  15. It sounds like a cold day (cannot get a live feed on my ipad but do have a live ticker going) but the racing is just about to start to heat up! Come on Gilbert!

  16. Oh noes! Grimpyounger’s earpiece isn’t working and he’s pulled it out.

    Luckily, he doesn’t need any instruction from the DS; Grimpelder is right on his wheel.

  17. Valverde is back. They never mentioned Voeckler since his mechanical. Look at TJ driving the pace!

  18. “Where are the Schlecks?” The common-taters keep asking on

  19. crap! thought I had added nibbles to the mix! oh well, better than including the schlecks I guess…

  20. Impressive move by Nibs. No good for my VSP. And now I’ve lost all video. Crap.

  21. Fuck it! Cheering for Dan Martin now, at least for second place! Go Irish!

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