Velominati Super Prestige: Ronde Van Drenthe 2013

Emily Collins (NZ) has some form going
Anna-Bianca Schnitzmeir gets her wiggle on

Ok, so you guys and gals don’t miss a trick, but sometimes we do. In fact, we kind of specialize in it. @Bianchi Denti just texted me to point out, as others have done on site, that we have almost missed the next stop on the VVomen’s VSP calendar, the Ronde Van Drenthe. On International Women’s Day, of all things.

All I can tell you about this race is that it’s in the Netherlands, and that Drente houses a number of Frank’s relatives. It that’s not scary enough, Marianne Vos is racing. Do you need any more information? Because the longer I look for it, the less time you have to get your picks in… here’s your start list, have at it.

Points go towards the season-long VSP where the winner takes home a personalized Velominati VVorkshop Apron. We’re being super cereal.

[vsp_results id=”22618″/]

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89 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Ronde Van Drenthe 2013”

  1. @eenies


    1. Vos
    2. Armistead
    3. Johansson
    4. Teutenberg
    5. Trott

    Damn, should have checked the start list first. No Teutenberg can I swap for Stevens?


    1. de vries
    2. vos
    3. johannson
    4. armistead
    5. bronzini


    1. Vos
    2. De Vries
    3. Bronzini
    4. Stevens
    5. Gunnewijk


    1. Vos
    2. Johannson
    3. Borghini
    4. Van Vleuten
    5. Gunnewijk


    1. Vos
    2. Armistead
    3. Johansson
    4. Gunnewijk
    5. Van Vleuten

  6. Anyone have a link to a site that has text/live updates, I can’t seem to stream it and cycling news are not covering it either!

  7. Ahhh, fuck me, Delgado’d this one.  I did check in last night around 2100 EST and then when I checked in this morning the picks were closed.

    On a positive note, my OCD must have improved b/c I actually take it as a positive sign that my life is not ruled by obsessively checking and rechecking this bloody site waiting for the next VSP to be posted three hours before the start!

    Guess I’ll be racing for stage wins this year!

  8. @sthilzy


    Was that last year’s start list?! Anyhowz, her name is there, so therefore I pick.


    1. Vos
    2. Van Dijk
    3. Johansson
    4. Cromwell
    5. Pieters

    you da man

  9. Oh FFS! Delgoado’d. Checked last night – nuthin. Aaaaand now I’ve blinked and missed it – Buck, I share your pain.

    Wasnt there a conversation last season about letting these go if the Keepers missed them / put them up with hours to go?

    *Sigh* At least I missed it because I went for a ride.

  10. Bummer…. had to work late and didn’t check in last night. This was one I actually would have felt good about… When in doubt, Vos, Vos, Vos….

  11. Wow, lots of points scored! Is this possibly correct? Impressive work by Sthilzy Malt Talls.

    Final Race Results

    1. VOS Marianne
    2. VAN DIJK Ellen
    3. JOHANSSON Emma
    4. HOSKING Chloe
    5. WILD Kirsten
    Final VSP Results

    1. sthilzy (16 points)
    2. Vernwitha_V (13 points)
    3. motor city (13 points)
    4. TOM.NELS2120 (12 points)
    5. eightzero (11 points)
    6. Simon (11 points)
    7. snoov (11 points)
    8. ramenvelo (11 points)
    9. eenies (11 points)
    10. Two Ball Billy (11 points)
    11. JohnB (10 points)
    12. freddy (9 points)
    13. seemunkee (9 points)
    14. skagitteam (9 points)
    15. The Grande Fondue (9 points)
    16. dancollins (9 points)
    17. Deakus (9 points)
    18. oneninefiveninesix (8 points)
    19. Gianni (8 points)
    20. Facetious_Jesus (8 points)
    21. napolinige (8 points)
    22. Tobin (8 points)
    23. razmaspaz (8 points)
    24. Lukas (8 points)
    25. Geordi (8 points)
    26. Chica (8 points)
    27. farzani (8 points)
    28. Nate (8 points)
    29. simonsaunders (8 points)
    30. blue (8 points)
    31. anotherdownunder (8 points)
    32. the Engine (8 points)
    33. xyxax (8 points)
    34. starclimber (7 points)
    35. roberto (7 points)
    36. piwakawaka (7 points)
    37. RedRanger (7 points)
    38. girl (7 points)
    39. sgraha (7 points)
    40. graham d.m. (7 points)
    41. unversio (5 points)
    42. chrismurphy92 (5 points)
    43. il ciclista medio (4 points)
    44. Russ (2 points)
    45. Bianchi Denti (2 points)
    46. Rigid (2 points)
    47. San Tonio (2 points)
    48. brett (1 points)
    49. Chris (1 points)
    50. taon24 (1 points)
    51. Giles (1 points)
    52. Lister (1 points)
    53. mouse (1 points)
  12. This morning I felt fortunate that I had to get up early for work, which allowed me to put my picks in on time.

    Now I feel like a huge idiot for not picking Vos to win.

    What was I thinking?

    Never make your VSP picks before having your first cup of coffee.

  13. My god, decent points for the first time ever.  Although you’ve gotta feel a bit of a fraud when Vos is racing…

  14. @frank

    Whaaaat?! Did I win my own brewery for my picks?!

    Just done my turn up front, peeling off and most likely spat out the back after next VSP round.

    Feels nice at the moment!

  15. Bugger, missed voting and in one foul swoop goes the points …..   winner getting 16 points ……   huge, well played

  16. Speaking of being spat out the back, Andy Schleck just abandoned the T-A. AWESOME stage this morning, tune in if you can, it’s a stupendous compendium of absurdly steep climbs and shit weather.

  17. @San Tonio

    @starclimber yea i watched it can you believe this guy was contending for the tour just a couple of years ago.

    I’d be curious how much of the performance issues are mental as opposed to physical.  In all the photo’s you see of him on the bike there is no fire…it’s sad.

  18. @San Tonio Interesting..fear of descending…that’s going to be a problem!  Hope he gets back to bright, it would be nice to throw his name into the mix come TDF.

  19. Damn.  I didn’t see this until just now.  I missed the plane, missed the cab, missed the bus, missed the boat, and then Delgado’ed this one.

  20. Double shite. Now I see the results. (Oh, and I swear that I didn’t see the results before the previous post….)

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