Velominati Super Prestige: Ronde Van Drenthe 2013

Emily Collins (NZ) has some form going
Anna-Bianca Schnitzmeir gets her wiggle on

Ok, so you guys and gals don’t miss a trick, but sometimes we do. In fact, we kind of specialize in it. @Bianchi Denti just texted me to point out, as others have done on site, that we have almost missed the next stop on the VVomen’s VSP calendar, the Ronde Van Drenthe. On International Women’s Day, of all things.

All I can tell you about this race is that it’s in the Netherlands, and that Drente houses a number of Frank’s relatives. It that’s not scary enough, Marianne Vos is racing. Do you need any more information? Because the longer I look for it, the less time you have to get your picks in… here’s your start list, have at it.

Points go towards the season-long VSP where the winner takes home a personalized Velominati VVorkshop Apron. We’re being super cereal.

[vsp_results id=”22618″/]

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89 Replies to “Velominati Super Prestige: Ronde Van Drenthe 2013”

  1. Didn’t Vos retire from road racing? I’m so confused. Once again, no idea. FFS!


    1. vos
    2. Antoshina
    3. Armitstead
    4. Van Dijk
    5. Knetemann


    1. M Vos
    2. E Van Dijk
    3. L Gunnewijk
    4. E Johansson
    5. E Armitstead

  3. When I wrote this, every single person had picked Vos first. Makes sense to me.


    1. M. Vos
    2. Tiffany Cromwell
    3. Elisabeth Armitstead
    4. Kirsten Wild
    5. Emma Johansson

  4. @Gianni

    Was that last year’s start list?! Anyhowz, her name is there, so therefore I pick.


    1. Vos
    2. Van Dijk
    3. Johansson
    4. Cromwell
    5. Pieters

  5. Saw Vos in Louisville last month.  Holy shit, that woman is scary fast.


    1. Marianne Vos
    2. Loes Gunnewijk
    3. Ellen Van Dijk
    4. Giorgia Bronzini
    5. Elisabeth Armitstead


    1. Loes Gunnewijk
    2. Elisabeth Armitstead
    3. Giorgia Bronzini
    4. Marianne Vos
    5. Charlotte Becker

  7. Hastily selected variations on a theme


    1. Vos
    2. Johnansson
    3. Armitstead
    4. Wild
    5. Van Dijk

  8. Total guesswork!


    1. Vos
    2. Johansson
    3. Armistead
    4. De Vries
    5. Rowney

  9. Heart says Lizzie, head says Marianne


    1. Vos
    2. Armitstead
    3. Gilmore
    4. Stevens
    5. Bronzini

  10. So hard to not pick Vos, but fuck it!


    1. Olds
    2. Johansson
    3. Guarnier
    4. van Dijk
    5. Armitstead

  11. No idea,no time to think….research, random assortment of names others have used…


    1. Armistead
    2. Vos
    3. Bronzini
    4. Stevens
    5. Gilmore

  12. That photo makes me get all nationalistic – go you kiwi lass! What’s with all the white gloves? It’s like a mime convention on that hill


    1. Collins
    2. Vos
    3. Bronzini
    4. Armistead
    5. Johansson

  13. VSP PICKS:

    1. B. Lavrijssen
    2. M. Vos
    3. C. Becker
    4. J. Glaesser
    5. E. Kuchinskaya

  14. Oops, the lead photo isn’t actually our Emily… bad search result faux pas there.

    Here she is after winning the Omloop het van Hageland last week…

  15. I orginally thought that racing MTB and Road might dull the awesomeness of the Voss Boss but apparently not seeing as she had won at both over the last few weeks in two races only 7 days apart.  As ever it is hard to pick anyone else to win….the rest are just making up the numbers!


    1. vos
    2. johansson
    3. armistead
    4. bronzini
    5. van dijk

  16. VSP PICKS:

    1. Vos
    2. Emma Johansson
    3. Loren Rowney
    4. Elena Kuchinskaya
    5. Rochelle Gilmore

  17. VSP PICKS:

    1. Loes Gunnewijk
    2. Chloe Hosking
    3. Charlotte Becker
    4. Annalise Visser
    5. Shelley Olds

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